This Week In TV for July 8-14 2013

Monday's Picks

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls

Monday is "Oh my, you shouldn’t do that! You could get hurt!" night on TV. First off, Bear Grylls hosts this reality competition that pits teams against each other in a game of survival in the New Zealand wilderness. And since he’s merely hosting this time, he can retire to the comfort of a hotel room every night and not have it be a scandal.
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9:00PM on NBC

Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin

Mr. Goodwin (the Incredible) isn’t exactly a magician, but he is fascinated with the legendary names in that profession, and attempts to best the likes of Houdini in a series of death defying dares and stunts.
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10:00PM on BBCA

Tuesday's Picks

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

Jeff is back, bringing his unique blend of bitchiness and interior design that, miraculously, actually seems to work as therapy for a number of the clients subjected to it. The miracle of television!
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9:00PM on Bravo

Drunk History

If you’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been a new episode of the Web TV series Drunk History in what seems like years and years, well, it’s because they’ve been busy bringing the show to television. In tonight’s premiere, Washington, D.C. history is examined, and guests include Jack Black and Bob Odenkirk.
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10:00PM on Comedy Central

Wednesday's Picks


Rachel Griffiths returns to TV in this dramedy about a family-run summer camp called Little Otter. Ah, summer camp. Where awkward youths are forced to wear bathing suits, hike through poison ivy, and sleep in moldy cabins with dozens of strangers. Good times!
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10:00PM on NBC

The Bridge

This drama is based on a Swedish series of the same name, and is centered on a serial murder investigation on the Mexican/U.S. boarder, which necessitates co-operation from law enforcement in both nations. Tension! Murder! Hot detectives! We’re in.
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10:00PM on FX

Thursday's Picks

Orange Is the New Black

Netflix’s latest entry into series game is this dark comedy set in a women’s prison. It’s based on a true story. It’s from the creators of Weeds. And it’s already been renewed for a second season. Looks like we’ve got a binge viewing session in our future.
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Streaming on Netflix

Hollywood Game Night

Since it’s unlikely any of us will ever be invited to one of Sean Hayes’s "famous" game nights, watching celebrities like Matthew Perry, Dax Shepard, and Minnie Driver play a bunch of games with other celebrities (and a few civilians) is probably the next best thing. Jane Lynch hosts.
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10:00PM on NBC


The title of this Syfy movie is Sharknado. What else could you possibly need to know?
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9:00PM on Syfy

Friday's Picks


The canceled series comes to an end tonight, and the answers to all of the show’s mysteries will be revealed. (Note: There is no guarantee the answers to all of the show’s mysteries will be revealed.)
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8:00PM on The CW

Comedy Bang! Bang!

The second season premiere of this surreal version of a talk show features guests Andy Samberg, Selma Blair, Lance Reddick, and a trip into a cybernetic computer world.
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10:00PM on IFC

Saturday's Picks

Being Human

The British version of this horror series about friends who are also monsters, (in the literal sense), comes to an end after this, its final season. Good thing you’ve still got the American version to tide you over!
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10:00PM on BBCA

Sunday's Picks

Hillbillies For Hire

Hillbillies for hire for birthday parties? Hillbillies for hire to help jerry-rig broken home appliances? Hillbillies for hire to take you on four wheelin' trips through mud bogs? Alas, it is none of these things. Instead, these hillbillies are for hire to perform pranks. Because hillbilly pranks are the safest pranks!
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9:00PM on CMT

The Newsroom

It’s the second season premiere of the Aaron Sorkin series about walking and talking while working for a 24-hour news channel, and boy, have they got their pick of "ripped from the headlines" stories to choose from since the show went on hiatus!
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10:00PM on HBO


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