The LXD: Why Hulu's New Dance Show is a Game-Changer

At first it doesn't feel like a dance show. Audiences weaned on the high jumps and theatrics of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance will immediately miss its flashy opening numbers and poppy dance music. The opening title of The LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) feels like a graphic novel version of the Twilight Zone.The opening minutes of each episode feature an old man waxing philosophical in close-up. This doesn't feel like a dance show.

About a fifth of the way into "Duet," a five-minute episode, we see a couple lying in bed. We learn the two are separated, each dance the same choreography as black bars frame and cut between them. Some nifty camera tricks and lovely choreography tie the story together. Until the very end, the whole episode takes place without words.

Why should you care about The LXD? The new web series is broadcast exclusively on Hulu, and is a mix of Heroes, comic books and dance -- essentially, it's good vs. evil set in the real world with "dance specialties" like break dancing, the robot, or contemporary serving as super powers. The show is difficult to describe because it breaks boundaries in genre, format and platform. It is, however, a game-changer in the way that web series -- and the arts -- are presented online. Oh yeah, and it's stunning.

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