Experiencing "The Office" Withdrawals? See The 7 Funniest Episodes of Season 6

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Season 6 of NBC's The Office may have been a bit too heavy on the lovey-dovey Jim&Pam front for longtime fans of the show who miss their good ol' awkward sexual tension from the earlier seasons. After all, this season was packed with wedding planning drama, big 2-parter episodes dedicated to both their wedding and the birth of their baby girl, Cecilia, and the ensuing drama with their paternity/maternity leaves. But despite the focus on everyone's favorite on-screen couple, there was still room for plenty of hilarity, including Michael Scott awkwardness, Dwight-isms, Andy face-palm moments, and more epically funny moments! So if you've got a hankerin' for re-watching some more episodes from the only season that's not out on DVD, here are what we think are the 6 funniest episodes of season 6!

1. Episodes 4/5: Niagara, Parts 1 & 2

Yes, it's basically a big mushy lovefest, but don't be fooled -- this 2-parter is ridiculously funny. From Michael's heart-to-heart with Nana (and hookup with Pam's mom!) to the family's rendition of the epic YouTube video, this episode wasn't all sunshine, rainbows & "I dos."

2. Episode 6: Mafia

"I'll have the gabagool." The what? The only thing funnier than Michael trying to fit in with a "mobster" is Andy pretending to be a mechanic. Long story.

3. Episode 8: Koi Pond

Leave it to Michael to a) create a haunted house for kids that goes horrifically wrong, and then b) fall into a koi pond at an important business meeting.

4. Episode 10: Murder

Yes, Angela is a Voodoo Mama Juju. Probably not a sentence you ever expected to hear, but by season 6, you know to expect the unexpected. In probably one of the funniest episodes ever, Michael tries to increase team morale after hearing unsettling news by recruiting everyone for a murder mystery game.

5. Episode 13: Secret Santa

Poor Andy just can't get it right when it comes to wooing Erin, though I guess he deserves plenty of embarrassment if he actually thinks that gifting someone the 12 Days of Christmas is a good idea.

6. Episode 21: Happy Hour

Hi, I'm Date Mike. Nice to meet me. Yes, Michael Scott can get even more socially self-destructive.

7. Episode 23: Body Language

Don't ask me how Michael does everything wrong and still scores with the ladies. I pretty much choked on my own spit when he ate a mint from Donna's hand.

Don't agree with my picks? Weigh in below with other funny episodes from season 6!


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