Read Our Exclusive Q&A With Raven-Symone of "Revenge of the Bridesmaids"

Sometimes we at SideReel get the chance to interview someone totally awesome, and we think to ourselves that is so Raven. Really though -- in honor of ABC Family's Revenge of the Bridesmaids, we spoke to Raven-Symone about her role, what it was like to get down 'n dirty in the movie's Louisiana set, and why it was a bit different from her famous Disney Channel role. Read on for a preview of the Q&A, then click over for the rest!

Q: What attracted you to your role in Revenge of the Bridesmaids?

Raven-Symone: Well the main thing that attracted me to her is her age, and the way she portrays herself. She's a published author and she's very down-to-earth, very smart with her quips. She is the type of person who says things that most people would be afraid to say. She's just real. That's kind of who I am when I close my door and I'm no longer "Raven-Symone." I'm just at my house chillin. It was fun to play that kind of character rather than some chipper, bubbly teenager. It was good.

Q: Name one of your more memorable experiences working on Revenge of the Bridesmaids.

Raven-Symone: A memorable experience would have to be probably getting dirty. In one of the very ends of the movie, JoAnna [Garcia], myself, and Chryssie [Whitehead], we all got to roll around in mud. It's so funny because we realized how "bougie" we all were. JoAnna and I were like, "This is real mud!" We're used to fake dirt, here in Hollywood. They were like, "No this is real mud. We're in Louisiana." I was like, "Oh, my goodness."

We were in these dresses rolling around in mud and it was in my wig at the time, I was just like, "Oh my God, what's going on." JoAnna was like, 'My hair, my facial!" I was like we need to obviously get back to real life because we're asking for fake dirt. We've been in the industry for too long.

Q: It sounds like from what you were just saying how well you got along with JoAnna. Was it instant chemistry working with her or did you guys need a little time to gel?

Raven-Symone: Well, I have to say I give props to the casting director of this movie. The first read-through everyone was like, I understand how this movie is coming along. You're this character, aren't you? They're like, "Yes, how did you know?" I'm like, "You just embody it." It was perfect casting to me, personally. So no, we didn't need a whole bunch of time.

Actually the first night the whole entire cast all went out and had dinner, bonded, chilled in New Orleans. The second night the same thing and throughout the movie you have dinner and actually that's very rare when you're doing a movie, especially when you know you're not going to be working with that person after a certain amount of time every day like you are for the month that it took us to film. It was actually cool how fast we actually did connect.

Read the rest of the Q&A here!


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