This Week In TV For July 22-28 2013

Monday's Picks

Breaking Pointe

The second season of this reality show finds us back with the dancers of the Salt Lake City Ballet Company. Who broke up? Who got back together? Who stayed and who left? And, perhaps most importantly, who’s got bunions? (Answer: Every last one of them.)
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8:00PM on The CW

Tuesday's Picks

Web Therapy

Web therapist Fiona Wallace (Lisa Kudrow) is back, and she’s still almost, if not more, crazy than most of her patients. Guest stars this season will include Meg Ryan; Steve Carrell; Billy Crystal; Chelsea Handler; and Sara Gilbert.
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11:00PM on Showtime

Wednesday's Picks

Top Chef Masters

The series returns for season five, with a brand new batch of master chefs who you’ve probably never heard of. But who cares? Food porn!
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10:00PM on Bravo

Insane Clown Posse Theater

If you’re wondering how in the world Insane Clown Posse got their own television show, well, we’re here to tell you: Magic and miracles, yo.
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11:00PM on Fuse

Thursday's Picks

Hell’s Kitchen

Another season of the cooking under fire show comes to a close tonight with a two-hour finale. And we continue to be astounded that Gordon Ramsay doesn’t completely lose voice his after an hour of yelling, let alone an entire season of it.
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8:00PM on Fox

Childrens Hospital

The hospital drama parody returns for a fifth season of insanity. Although anyone who watches Grey's Anatomy knows, the stuff that happens on that show would not be a bit out of place on this one.
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Midnight on Adult Swim

Friday's Picks

John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show

John Oliver’s a busy guy, filling in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, and now back for another season of his stand-up show. Tonight’s comedians include Reggie Watts and Nick Turner.
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11:00PM on Comedy Central

Saturday's Picks

Iyanla Fix my Life

Iyanla! I’m at home on a Saturday night watching a self-help show. Fix MY life!
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9:00PM on OWN

Axe Cop

The comic book series, (which was created by a five-year-old, and illustrated by his older brother), comes to TV in this animated series starring Parks & Rec’s Nick Offerman as the voice of the titular Axe Cop.
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11:00PM on Fox

Sunday's Picks


Bet you totally forgot this show existed, huh? Well, after a fourteen-month hiatus, it’s back! And detective Carrie Wells sure isn’t forgetting one damn thing that happened over the past year.
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9:00PM on CBS


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