Catch Up With Covert Affairs Star Piper Perabo In SideReel's Exclusive Q&A!

Excited for this week's Covert Affairs premiere? Then check out SideReel's Q&A with star Piper Perabo (yes, of Coyote Ugly fame!) and see what she had to say about her TV debut, what it was like taking on the role of a CIA agent, and her experiences on the set of an action-packed show! And don't forget to catch the premiere this Tuesday, July 13th at 10/9c on USA Network!

Q: How important are social networking and online sites for the show promotion?

P. Perabo: Well, that may be a better question for the studio. Chris Gorham is Twittering from set and while we're working and we also have pages on Facebook and our Web page. Doug Liman, our executive producer, has been up and visiting so he writes about coming to the set and the action sequences that he's been doing with us. So we're pretty active on the Internet.

Q: There's early buzz on the show that's a little good, a little bad. But is there going to be a link to viewership based on that buzz?

P. Perabo: I don't know. I hope so, but I don't know. This is my first television show. I've never done press at the same time as we're shooting, and in a way I think it's really exciting because hopefully fans of the show can give us input and tell us how they're feeling about the story and it can affect how we continue.

Q: Obviously, you've been doing a lot of interviews lately and it seems that everyone's favorite question to ask you is about Alias. I'm sure you're kind of tired of talking about Alias at this point. I'm just wondering, personally I see a lot of differences between the two shows and I'm wondering, being lumped together with that show so frequently do you think that that's something that's going to help or hinder the show?

P. Perabo: When I first got working on the show and I was speaking to actor friends of mine about what the show was about and how I was going to create the character, people said, "You should watch Alias." I had never watched the show, don't ask me how I missed it, so I got the pilot and I watched the pilot and I thought it was genius. I didn't really want to watch anymore because I don't want to in any way imitate what Jennifer was doing and I want to make sure that Annie is her own woman and dealing with her own world. But I thought that what I saw of the work on that pilot was really exciting and the fight sequences were really dynamic and she was just a really powerful, smart, intuitive woman who can make decisions on the fly, she' brave, and she's still a real person. I think those parallels can be drawn to Annie.

I think in our show, though, you see a lot more of the real life of a spy, what kind of car you drive and what it's like when you get home at night after you've just been chasing an assassin all day. So in that way I think we are really different. I think that if people come and watch our show because they like Alias, then that's great, but I think they're going to get to see a much bigger world than they saw and so hopefully they'll keep watching.

Q: You said that this is your first foray into series television. If it was a movie I'm sure there would be a premiere, but with this being a television show what sort of exciting plans do you have for the premiere night?

P. Perabo: The premiere night, I'm going to be shooting actually. We're trying to work out this -- I don't know if I'm telling you secrets that I shouldn't be telling you. That's another thing I don't know about television, I don't know how to keep a secret. But there's a really intense action chase that we're going to be shooting on Tuesday night in Canada, so I won't be watching it. But I have two brothers, and they are having a party for the premiere where everyone has to come as spies in trench coats and sunglasses. So, they're representing the premiere party aspect for me.

Read the full Q&A here, and don't forget to check out the Covert Affairs official site!


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