How to Recover from Binge-Watching Any Show: A Friendly SideReel Guide

By now we've all done it. You go in with the intention of watching one or two hours of a show and the next thing you know, the weekend is over, you're surrounded by takeout boxes, and you can't remember the last time you took a breath of fresh air. You've powered through the last 40 episodes of Breaking Bad or Mad Men and run out of show. Or maybe you've stretched the consumption of a show like Orange is the New Black out over a couple of days, but realize there are only 13 episodes in the entire series (so far). Either way, the problem is the same. Like any addict, when the product runs out, you're going to go through withdrawal.

Here are some easy steps (no, there aren't 12 of them) to ease that pain: 

  1. Take a shower. If it was a weekend marathon, there's a good chance you haven't had one in a while — and even if it was a slightly longer haul, you'll still feel better. If the show has a theme song, go ahead and sing it to yourself. If it's the Cheers theme song, sing it REALLY LOUDLY.
  2. Head over to your computer. Google "[Name of show]" and then any or all of the following terms: theories, fan fiction, wiki, supercut, mashup, tumblr. A trove of riches awaits you here. If looking at a science fiction, fantasy, or supernatural show, you don't even have to pace yourself. Note: If you're looking for any Star Trek series, go directly to Memory Alpha.
  3. Devise a drinking game around the show! No, we're not telling you to trade one vice for another — we're telling you to combine them.* It may force you to rewatch (though no, it will never be as good as the first time), or at least delve pretty deeply into plotlines, characters, and (potentially) catchphrases. This will allow you to...
  4. …bother your friends into watching this totally cool show you just discovered that they've already watched on a weekly basis and probably have no desire to talk about it anymore. IMPORTANT: Tell them you're supplying the liquor.
  5. Movie spinoffs? MOVIE SPINOFFS!**
  6. Why quit your habit? There are millions of hours of television to catch up on. Just pick a show, and check out our recommendations.

*We do.

**The only exception here is Stargate, where the movie actually preceded the show and is completely different in both casting and tone.

Leah is SideReel's Web TV and Movie Editor. For further super exciting insight into watching reruns, follow her on Twitter.


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