News This Week In TV For July 29-August 4 2013

Monday's Picks

The Writers’ Room

Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad writers are the first guests on this new series about writers and writing for television. Jim Rash of Community, co-hosts.
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10:00PM on Sundance

Tuesday's Picks

Who Do You Think You Are?

The genealogy show is back on a new network, with more stories of the rich and famous and their family trees. Tonight’s subject: Christina Applegate and her New Jersey roots.
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9:00PM on TLC

Nikki & Sara Live

With Inside Amy Schumer on hiatus, we’re in need of some funny, foul-mouthed lady humor, and the return of Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer’s loose and live talk show should fit the bill.
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11:30PM on MTV

Wednesday's Picks


The Hunger Games, which was inspired by the reality show Survivor, has now inspired a new reality show called Capture. Excuse us while our heads explode.
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8:00PM on The CW

Thursday's Picks

The Hero

It’s the season finale, and although you may feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong. And you'll finally see the truth…that a hero lies in you. Or in whoever America decide is the winner. One or the other.
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8:00PM on TNT

15th Annual Young Hollywood Awards

Because up-and-coming Hollywood stars and starlets aren’t ego-driven enough, they also have an awards show devoted to them and their rising stardom. Well, at least Orphan Black’sTatiana Maslany will be getting some much deserved accolades
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8:00PM on The CW

Friday's Picks

America’s Next Top Model

Oh, Tyra. That "College Cycle" was terrible. We understand wanting to bounce back from that. But throwing in a cycle filled with both male and female models? It sounds kind of…desperate. And the move to Fridays isn’t reassuring us. Still, we’ll watch, and smize like we mean it.
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8:00PM on The CW

Saturday's Picks

Zero Hour

For the six or seven of you still watching: Yes, this is the end of the series. Whether the story will involve the end of the world or not, well, you’ll just have to watch and see.
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9:00PM on ABC

Too Cute!

Oh thank goodness. Now we have a legitimate excuse to stay home alone on a Saturday night: we need to watch cute animals on TV! Yes, NEED to.
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9:00PM on Animal Planet

Sunday's Picks

The Killing

Well, was this show’s resurrection from the dead worth it? We suppose that will have a lot to do with how tonight’s season finale resolves itself. There was a promise that the mystery would be solved by the end of the season, instead of the stringing along that happened at the end of season one. We just hope it’s a satisfying conclusion. The Killing: You’re on notice!
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9:00PM on AMC

Shark After Dark

It’s the beginning of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, and they’ve created a new show solely devoted to talking about, well, sharks of course. Now, if they could only get an actual shark to be a guest…
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11:00PM on Discovery


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