The Hills Season 6: Will You Watch The Final Episodes?

It's no news that The Hills has been suffering since Lauren Conrad's departure last year (no, surprisingly Kristin Cavallari wasn't entertaining enough -- or likable enough -- to carry on the legacy with comparable success), but the creators and remaining cast are determined to give it one more go for season 6, which premieres tonight at 10/9c on MTV. And if a healthy dose of quality Speidi drama isn't enough to lure viewers in for the last desperate hurrah (it certainly wasn't enough last season), MTV is aiming their blows even lower by addressing sensitive "private-life" drama that would've been untouchable in previous seasons. Yes, there were topics off-limits before, even for The Hills. And yes, it can get worse (in a good way?).

This purposely more tabloid-like approach, which delves into more taboo tidbits such as Kristin's speculated drug problem and Heidi's clown-like plastic surgery (I'm just trying to be nice here), isn't necessarily exposing any news or rumors we haven't already read in the gossip blogs. But it does perhaps make for more interesting (and deliciously awkward) TV than the previous season's lame tug-o-war over Justin Bobby. Sure, the drama isn't necessarily authentic (remember last season when they staged a staged intervention for Heidi's drunk sister Holly?), but somehow even their fabricated tension and cat fights still makes me cackle with sadistic glee. I mean, I don't really care to what extent the show is scripted (if you're looking for authenticity, you're quite obviously watching the wrong network entirely) -- seeing Jayde throw a drink in Kristin's face is a refreshing sight no matter how many times the scene had to be re-shot.

Will the promise for an even juicier 6th season convince you to give the last one a shot, or have you officially broken up with The Hills too long ago to even give it a proper send-off? Weigh in below.


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