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Peter Gallagher is back with this fall's highly-anticipated new USA Network show, Covert Affairs. We got the chance to take part in an exclusive Q&A with the actor, so read on to find out more about his experience and what we can expect from the upcoming fall show, also starring Piper Perabo!

Q: What made you want to be a part of the show?

P. Gallagher: Very simply, I wanted to work with Doug Liman and Dave Bartis again. Doug Liman directed the pilot episode of The O.C. and he and Dave were producers on the first season of The O.C. and I just love these guys. I love the way they tell stories. I like the people they are. In my experience, when the people at the top of an organization are people you respect and you like then chances are they're going to surround themselves with other people that you feel the same way about. And you know what? That's exactly what happened. So I was drawn to working with Dave and Doug again. As I say, I like the way they tell stories, because they're powerful storytellers and they like to have the story they tell find a place in the world we live in.

Then they sent me the script because we've been talking about doing stuff. I said, "Man, this is great." At that point I don't know what kind of future Arthur Campbell had or has in the show, but he seems to be perking along and I'm having a great time. Everybody on the show is great, so that's why I'm there.

Q: Is there anything you find particularly challenging about the role?

P. Gallagher: Commuting to Toronto, but I love Toronto, so that's not so bad.

Q: Yes, you are a warm-weather man from The O.C.

P. Gallagher: Oh, but I'm New York born and raised, but you don't have to spend much time in the warm weather before your blood gets a little thin. That's the truth.

Q: How would you describe Arthur's relationship with Piper Perabo's character on the show?

P. Gallagher: Well, I think the cool thing about a series is we basically don't know anything except what we know, which is just the extent of the episodes we've done and the ones we've read. So what I would surmise is that Arthur is a busy guy and he is becoming very much aware of this very young and very valuable asset, Piper. So she obviously has his attention and, judging from the last episode I shot, his respect. So I think it's an open relationship.

Q: In watching the pilot, you had a therapy session scene with Joan. Is that something we can plan on seeing a little bit more of? How is filming those scenes?

P. Gallagher: I love it. You know what the cool thing, the amazing thing is? It's true. Think about it. Apparently, in the CIA they encourage their agents to marry each other because you can't talk to anybody who's not in the agency about what you do. You can't even talk about everything that you do with somebody else in the agency. So what they have is when people do get married, they actually have in-house marriage counselors that have been vetted and received security clearance, as well as the Starbucks baristas. They go through a security clearance for a year. So it's a pretty interesting dynamic in that here are these two CIA agents, who are accustomed to dissembling or trying to find out the truth or whatever and they're married and their therapist is at work too. It's a pretty unique situation I think. Yes, I think there will be more of that. I mean I think; I don't know. I'm still alive. That's all I can tell you.

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