The United States of Tara Season 2: Who Is Shoshanna?

The United States of Tara is new again tonight on Showtime, 10:30/9:30c. While the first episode had the second season off to a slow start (Tara's actually cured? Don't even joke!), last week's more than made up for it, putting Tara in some deliciously fawkward situations at the supermarket with Buck's new love interest (you know, that chick from Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy"). As for the other alters (T, Alice, & the hilariously messy Gimme)... they have yet to make their season 2 appearance.

But who the heck is Shoshanna?!

We first caught a glimpse of the new-for-season-2 alter in a teaser, which had given us a sneak peek of the current batch of episodes prior to the March 22nd premiere. However, quite honestly I had forgotten all about her until I stumbled upon Tara's official journal, which makes reference to Shoshanna and even includes a link to her "own site" (I guess Gimme isn't sophisticated enough to have its own blog -- makes sense). While this new character isn't supposed to appear until next week's episode, I'm still dying to know more about her, and why exactly she's been triggered into existence!

Rumor has it that Shoshanna comes on the scene as Tara's therapist. Unlike her other alternate personalities, however, Tara is conscious of Shoshanna's actions when she takes over as the dominant personality and is the only alter she can actually communicate with... so far, that is!

While it's tough to top Buck when it comes to entertainment factor, I find it pretty intriguing that Tara can actually communicate with this new alter, as opposed to transitioning with little to no warning and having no recollection of her other states post-switch. Do you think Shoshanna's existence may ultimately help cure Tara's symptoms, or is she just more evidence of a further dissociated (and perhaps worsening) state of mind? Don't forget to watch The United States of Tara tonight at 10:30!


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Apr 6, 2010 11:29PM EDT

I'm loving the new season and I also can't wait to know more about Shoshanna and I hope that the fact that Tara can communicate with her somehow helps Tara on her path to find out what happened in the past and even a way to the cure.

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