Tough Love Season 3: Will You Watch the Couples Edition?

Ever since its early-2009 premiere, Vh1's Tough Love has been a big hit among the unattached female crowd. It's reassuring to us singletons to see that there are women way more openly crazy and self-destructive than we are. And it's oh-so-convenient to learn from the mistakes the "contestants" make during the horribly embarrassing and unrealistic challenges they're forced to take part in on cable TV. After all, Steve Ward is just trying to create the best learning experience possible for his lost and confused romantic strike-outs: don't talk about your ex, don't talk about religion, definitely don't talk about money... but for the love of God, don't just sit there and not talk! Plus, the dudes he sets the girls up with are usually pretty hot, or at the very least make for entertainingly awkward and disastrous dates. And then when we're done laughing at their expense, we throw popcorn at the screen when the head bitchy girl starts a fight or the resident stripper whines about being put in the dreaded "Hot Seat," & bawl our eyes out when they *gasp* actually find love on the show, as temporary as it usually turns out to be. C'mon -- what's not to love about Tough Love?

Well, one thing that makes the show just a tad (or more) less lovable is that the upcoming season, premiering tonight at 9/8c, is for couples. So instead of coaching a crew of clueless ladies into ready-for-love relationship material and setting them up with potential connections, he deals with a batch of already-existing couples in already-messy relationships. In Steve-Ward-style "couples' therapy," he enlists some modified versions of his Tough Love tests in order to get to the root of their problems (and judging by the trailer, they're pretty big problems at that) and revamp their couple-dom into something that's not quite so... dysfunctional. I'm open to the idea of a different dose of drama, but I'm still a little annoyed that they've changed up the game. Why mess with a good thing?

Will you tune in to Tough Love Couples even though it's not quite the same as the previous seasons? Do you think it might be even better than the regular Tough Love we all know and love? Weigh in with your comments!


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