True Blood Season 2 Recap: Catch Up In Time For Sunday's Season 3 Premiere!

True Blood season 3 premieres this Sunday, June 13, at 9/8c on HBO. Everyone's been impatiently counting down the days and watching the minisodes in order to help relieve their withdrawal symptoms ("waiting sucks" is right!); after all, it has been almost a year since the last season wrapped up. And with a major cliffhanger at that! So in order to make the most of your season 3 viewing experience, we at SideReel recommend that you don't just greedily jump headfirst into Sunday's premiere, as tempting as it sounds, but rather be smart about it and prepare yourself with a little memory-refresher. We've assembled a list of the major need-to-know (well, need-to-remember) events from the last season. And if you still have no idea what I'm talking about after this recap, you might want to forgo the premiere and go back to basics by marathoning season 1!

-Miss Jeannette, the voodoo woman, is found dead in the parking lot of Merlotte's. Our disgust takes a backseat to the relief that it isn't Lafayette! Maryann offers to take a distraught Tara under her wing, where she develops a relationship with Maryann's friend Eggs.

-Sookie finds out about Jessica, the vampire Bill was forced to create, and offers to take Jessica to find her parents, who think she's been kidnapped. Chaos ensues when Jessica nearly attacks her father, and Bill breaks in to stop her at just the right time. He is furious with Sookie, who runs off into the night and is attacked by a mysterious creature with claws.

-The vampires find her and take her to Fangtasia to receive treatment; meanwhile, Lafeyette is downstairs in Eric's dungeon, awaiting punishment for harvesting V. In exchange for Lafayette's freedom, Sookie agrees to go with Eric to Dallas to find his maker Godric.

-A new waitress, Daphne, shows up at Merlotte's. Daphne reveals that she, too, is a shapeshifter, and they bond over their shared power. However, one night in the woods, Sam is dragged off by a band of possessed people who drag him to a strange ritual in the woods. He escapes, while Maryann chases after him in maenad form.

-While in jail, Jason is contacted by the Fellowship of the Sun, a religious anti-vampire group, and is recruited by the Newlins who want to train him to be part of a vampire-fighting force. A love triangle involving Sarah Newlin develops.

-While in Dallas, Sookie is kidnapped and held hostage by the Fellowship of the Sun. Meanwhile, Jason finally realizes they're evil and attempts to escape. Sarah Newlin tips him off that they have Sookie hostage, and he goes to find her.

-Meanwhile, Eric has contacted Bill's maker, Lorena, to keep Bill out of the way while he attempts to pursue Sookie.

-Bill escapes from Lorena in time to save Sookie from the Fellowship, and just when an all-out war between humans and vampires is about to erupt, Godric appears to stop it.

-A suicide bomber from the fellowship of the sun wrecks havoc in Godric's lair, and Eric tricks Sookie into taking his blood to help save him from a silver bullet. A blood connection is made, forming a bond between them as Eric at hoped, and Bill is furious. Godric offers himself as a sacrifice to the sun, leaving Eric distraught.

-When they all return to Bon Temps, they find that the town has gone haywire, and everyone is under the control of Maryann's Bacchanalian power. Sam discovers Daphne in Merlotte's freezer with her heart ripped out. Sam realizes he's been set up and his taken to jail, but turns into a fly and escapes.

-Upon escaping, Sam is kidnapped by Maryann's mob. Jason and Andy Bellefleur go to save him. Jason tricks the possessed people by pretending to be Dionysius, the god that Maryann and her mob have been waiting to arrive, and they all escape.

-Bill seeks help from the vampire queen of Louisiana to find out how to kill a maenad; meanwhile Lafayette and Sookie go to rescue Tara and discover that Maryann is planning a giant possessed wedding/sacrifice ritual for the arrival of her god.

-Bill brings Sam as a "sacrifice," per the queen's advice, and Sam takes a knife to the heart. While Maryann is distracted, Sam takes Bill's blood and shape-shifts into a white bull. Maryann thinks he is Dionysius in earth form and embraces him, and Sam gores her with his horn. The town snaps out of their trance.

-Eggs is tortured by the fact that he has committed murders while possessed by Maryann. He gets combative with Andy Bellefleur, and Jason, thinking Andy is in serious trouble, shoots Eggs dead in his defense. Andy takes the fall in order to protect Jason.

-Sam visits his foster parents to find out about his biological family. His mother is unresponsive, but his father (on his deathbed), writes an address down for him.

-Bill proposes to Sookie at a romantic dinner. Sookie freaks out and goes to the bathroom to calm down, but when she returns to the table to say yes, Bill is gone because he has been kidnapped.

Watch the season 2 finale here, and make sure to tune in on Sunday at 9/8c for the 3rd season premiere!


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