Dexter: How Will It End?

Warning: Includes major spoilers and predictions if you're not caught up on season 8 of Dexter

The end is near. Dexter's final episode is less than a week away and the possible ending scenarios are 

being narrowed down. With the Brain Surgeon's identity figured out and Oliver Saxon on the run, Deb's 

life hanging in the balance and Dex's relationship and escape with Hannah looking up, what will happen 

to end the series? 

At this point in the season, there are only so many ways Dexter could end. What could still happen to 

bring the series to its final episode? Will Dexter go to jail, escape or end up six feet under? 

If Dexter had his way, he'd escape to Argentina with both Hannah and Harrison in tow, with Deb living 

safely in Miami and the Brain Surgeon taken care of. But things never turn out how we want, right? Or 

will things actually end happily ever after for Dex? So many questions, so few answers. We can only 

hope the writers will give us a satisfying finale episode to end the long-running series. 


Dexter Gets Caught

It's either really impressive or really surprising that Dexter has lasted this long without being caught. 

He's a pro at pulling a veil over the eyes of everyone at Miami Metro (minus Deb, of course). He's been 

working at Miami Metro through eight seasons now, and no one but Doakes and LaGuerta ever had any 

inkling of who Dexter really is, and we know how things turned out for both of them.

With only one final episode left in the Showtime hit, I'm convinced we won't see Dexter in handcuffs. 

The season has been dragging slowly on, and Dexter being caught and sent to jail won't really end the 

show with the biggest bang. 

But if Dexter were to go to jail, he'd be put away for a long, long time. Or, more than likely, Dexter 

would be subjected to the death penalty – with is still a possible (and highly probable) sentence under 

Florida state law – for all of his crimes. With well over 100 counts of premeditated first-degree murder, 

there's simply no way Dexter would not be found guilty if he ever entered a court room.


Dexter Could Actually Get Away with Hannah

The plan for the serial-killing lovers is still to finish off Oliver Saxon, grab Harrison and jet set off to 

Argentina to live happily ever after. With Saxon on the run again and Deb shot, could that still happen? 

The possible escape and the "will they, won't they" situation is the biggest plot point of the season 

currently, even more so than if Dexter will get Saxon or not. 

A clean break from Miami and a safe escape would give Dexter the most blissful end – but does Dexter 

really deserve a happy ending? And who's to say that everyone will even make it to the end of the final 

episode? And this takes us to another (more likely?) possibility…


Deb or Hannah Won't Make It Out Alive

Or both? Nothing would crush Dexter more than having Deb or Hannah die at his expense. (Let's 

pretend Harrison doesn't exist in this scenario, because the writers would have to be so cruel to let 

anything happen to him.) Nothing would tear Dexter up as much as losing one of these two.

Though Dexter is in love with Hannah, Deb is the one person he's consistently cared about throughout 

the series. In one of the most heartbreaking moments from this season, Dex runs into Deb in a grocery 

store, and you can see the hurt on his face when Deb tells him, "I shot the wrong person in that trailer."

And, even more heartbreaking is how the second-to-last episode ended. Deb was shot by Saxon and we 

last saw her on the floor calling in her own shooting. Previews of the finale showing Deb and Dexter in 

an ambulance together… Will Deb make it? The previews also show him in the airport, closer to escaping 

Miami. With him questioning leaving Deb behind, could it be that she doesn't make it, making it easier 

for Dex to attempt to leave Florida for good? 

If something happened to either of these two (and it's possible that Deb won't survive), Dexter would 

completely lose it… which could also lead to another possibility.


Dexter, Our Favorite Anti-Hero, Could Die

Losing Dexter could be a bittersweet ending to the series. On one hand, no one wants their favorite 

character to die, but it would be a true and fitting end. If something happened to someone Dexter truly 

cares about, he'd be a mess. There would be no return from the complete agony and distress Dex would 

feel, and he'd likely try to avenge the loss of the people he cares about – maybe with dire results for 

Dexter. I could easily see him being consumed with emotion and making big mistakes in these final 

episodes. But – we'll have to wait and see!

How would you like Dexter to end? What do you think will actually happen to give us the most satisfying 

end? It's really down to the wire now but many good or bad things could still happen to take us to the 

series finale. Brace yourself and get ready!


By: Kevin Fischer / @KevinTFischer


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