The 5 Most Important Dogs on the Internet (and One Honorable Mention)

We're big fans of the Puppy Bowl here, but this year's competing Kitten Bowl has created an internal battle here at SideReel. Some think cats are the better animal. Those people are wrong! Dogs are far better. To prove it, we've come up with a list of the five most important dogs on the internet. Think of this as the Super Bowl of Internet Animal Supremacy. After reading this list, I have no doubt that you'll agree that dogs are far superior to cats.

5. Corgnelius

Corgnelius on Instagram

Corgnelius is quite possibly the internet’s favorite Pembroke Welsh corgi (and that’s a high bar, as the internet loves corgis). Even my dad (who hates dogs) would love Corgnelius.





4. Maymo

Maymo on YouTube

Maymo is a bad dog! He’s a lemon beagle who can’t help but get into trouble—and may just have been the pooch to make dog-shaming famous. All dogs have their quirks, but Maymo’s basically the hound-equivalent of Zooey Deschanel: adorkable to the extreme.




3. Boo

Boo on Facebook

First name: Boo. Last name: The World’s Cutest Dog. This Pomeranian certainly has a distinctive look that some find irresistible and others find creepy. He’s one of the only dogs out there with a verified Facebook account, but still finds joy in everyday things. After all, he’s still a dog and he still lifts one leg at a time.







2. Yes, This is Dog

Yes, This is Dog on Know Your Meme

This is Dog is the Miss Manners of telephone etiquette! Just look at how polite he is. He should be used to teach children how to answer the phone (LOL like kids today even know what phones are really for).





1. Doge

Doge on Imgur

Ah, Doge. This inner monologue of a rescued Shiba Inu rendered in Comic Sans has spurred countless imitators (just search "rob ford doge" if you want a long, hard laugh) and has even been the inspiration for the crypto-currency Dogecoin. Let's see LOLCats top that.





Honorable Mention. Lentil

Lentil on Facebook

Lentil is a young French bulldog who was born with a cleft palate. He ate through a tube for months before he was able to get surgery to help him, and now he's an "ambassadog" who works to remove the stigma associated with cleft palates! If Lentil were a person, we'd all aspire to be more like him.




Are cats more your thing? (Sigh.) Check out our list of the most important internet cats!




Leah E. Friedman is the editor of She has an adorably neurotic dog named Spud who happens to live with her parents in New Jersey—coincidentally the site of this year's Super Bowl. You can follow her musings on Twitter.


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