All Six of True Blood’s WTF-Worthy Cliffhangers Ranked in Order of Shock Factor

Whether you’re in it for the long haul or already gave up after season 2, at some point, True Blood has somehow left you hanging. The obsession-worthy vampire drama has a knack for pulling us back in—and not only with its bevy of shirtless supernatural studs—by perfecting the art of the painfully delicious cliffhanger. Although it rarely leaves anything to the imagination (did we really just see a FULL FRONTAL?), it also manages to be a skillful tease—a potential True Death here, a ruined engagement there—but on August 23rd, the scary-sexy-bloody madness all comes to an end. Will we finally get the answers we’ve spent seven seasons pining after? Will we finally get a CLIFFHANGER-FREE FINALE?! Only time will tell, but in the meantime, let’s take a gory trip down memory lane and revisit the six times we gripped our TVs in horror and cursed those craftily-timed ending credits, in ascending order of bombshell magnitude (beware of spoilers!):


6. Evil Is Going On 

Season 3, Episode 12

While Sookie is busy taking a quick trip to Fairyland and Eric is being covered in cement, Bill challenges the Queen herself to a head-to-head duel to the True Death! *Cue the ridiculously corny Matrix-inspired fight sequence*



5. You'll Be the Death of Me

Season 1, Episode 12

I guess it’s our own damn fault for thinking that just any dark-skinned, pedicured foot sticking out of a car door had to be Lafayette’s, but after a harrowing, cliffhanger-filled first season, it was a pretty terrifying final shot to shoot down any false hopes for a casualty-free ending.



4. Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

Season 2, Episode 12

Oh, please. You weren’t dumb enough to actually think that Bill and Sookie would be able to end the season with a successful engagement, did you? Oh, you were? Don't feel bad; I was dumb, too, before True Blood killed my belief in happy endings. Now, WHO KIDNAPPED BILL?!




3. And When I Die

Season 4, Episode 12

One cliffhanger wasn’t enough for this finale, which doled out one shocker after another. Tara gets shot after Sookie’s showdown with that were-b*tch Debbie, someone has freed Russell Edgington from his cement prison (HUGE MISTAKE!), and now Steve Newlin is back… this time with FANGS!




2. Save Yourself

Season 5, Episode 12

Okay, so the whole concept of Bill as the Almighty (and all-naked) Billith didn’t end up lasting very long, but at the time, the situation seemed extremely dire. A real OHHHHH #%$@ moment, for sure.




1. Radioactive

Season 6, Episode 10





Do you think we’ll finally get some answers in the series finale, or will we be left with another unanswered cliffhanger ending? Will Bill and Sookie finally live happily ever after? Let us know your predictions—nbsp;along with your own finale rankings—in the comments below!


Alex Gambardella is a member of the editorial and video teams for She's a loud (but not necessarily proud) Truebie who has somehow managed to stick it out 'til the very end. RIP Alcide Herveaux.




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Aug 22, 2014 2:17PM EDT

Love Love this show, I have watch every episode & read all of the books ~ truly sad

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Danielle Curtis
May 18, 2015 5:08PM EDT

I absolutely adore this show and am sad to see it leave but i'm hoping that Eric and Sookie have the happy ending. as well as Jessica and Hoyte, Bill is gonna die i see it coming but then again i may be wrong lol but i seriously hope that Layfaette and tall dark and brooding find their happily ever after even if no one else dose. Although i kinda hated seeing Warlow leave i thought him and Sookie had something epic there ~sigh~ oh well ♥ can't wait to see what happens next :D

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