The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of September 29, 2014

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.


Castle: S7E1

Castle (Season Premiere)

Monday at 10:00pm on ABC

Why: When we last saw Castle, his car had been ENGULFED IN FLAMES. If that's not reason enough, well, there's no reasoning with you.

Prepare to talk about: How crazy it is that Castle survived (because duh, he will or there's no show); how Beckett's grown on you these last six years because oof, was she intolerable at one time; what else could possibly go wrong with their wedding.



Gracepoint: S1E1

Gracepoint (Series Premiere)

Thursday at 9pm on FOX

Why: The small town murder drama from which this was adapted (Broadchurch) was a massive hit in the UK (and on BBC America), and star David Tennant is reprising his role across the pond—and trying out his American accent, to boot.

Prepare to talk about: Whether this adaptation is too close to the original; how weird Tennant's American accent sounds; how old Nick Nolte has gotten, jeez.



Reign: S2E1

Reign (Season Premiere)

Thursday at 9pm on The CW

Why: Because, OMG, OK, Frances finally found out that Lola was pregnant with his baby, King Henry is dead, and Mary has closed the gates of the castle because of plague. SO MUCH CAN HAPPEN.

Prepare to talk about: How on earth Lola and Frances will get back into the castle with the illegitimate newborn in tow; how cray those dresses are for the time period, but how much you want to wear them anyway; how little you care about Bash and Kenna's storyline.



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