'Supernatural' S10E10: The Hunter Games

★ ★ ★ ½

Supernatural’s back with a pretty mediocre mid-season premiere that reintroduced viewers to what had happened so far and threw hints at what’s to come. The episode did give us a chance to really see just how badly the Mark is affecting Dean (Jensen Ackles) and how Dean’s really not wanting to let go of it himself, something that viewers could figure out themselves if they remember back to when Dean was in Hell back in season 3. While Demon Dean was refreshing and fun to watch, he was also very short-lived; so it’s really nice to see Dean go bad again.

Speaking of which, Dean’s scene with Metatron was certainly great to watch. From Metatron’s snarky comments to jabbing Dean about his double-standard morality, Curtis Armstrong did a really nice job. But besides that, it’s a little odd to think that the Winchesters would ever think he would want to help them. So, of course, this had to end with a torture session to show how Dean is getting out of control (like a massacre wasn’t enough!)


While Dean has a terrific storyline, Sam (Jared Padalecki) doesn’t at the moment. It’s a little disappointing to see Sam have absolutely nothing to do and no sub-plot to call his own, which is funny because that’s all I’ve ever wanted to see happen. But now that it is happening, he doesn’t have the same impact as Dean would when Sam had his own story arc. Don’t get me wrong, seeing Sam be Dean’s brother and how difficult it is for him to see Dean go through this. However, Supernatural switching focus to one brother and leaving so little material for the other is a little odd.

Castiel (Misha Collins) trying to be a fatherly figure for his wayward daughter Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) as Castiel struggled to form a genuine human connection was sad and hard to watch. This made up for Claire’s odd and out of place story where she somehow winds up with people who (crazily enough) completely understand her story and then take it upon themselves to kill Dean? Little too much filler going on here.

Then there are Crowley’s scenes with his mother, Rowena, which were… to put it kindly... bad. Crowley’s a smart person who makes strategic moves, but it’s very, very, VERY out of character for him to fall for Rowena’s obvious scheming and lying. Sure, Crowley’s under the influence of spells and human blood, but it’s still unbelievable and silly to see him become so gullible.

Good news is, Felicia Day is coming back as Charlie and Charlie is returning home from Oz. Can’t wait to see how this goes.


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