'Supernatural' S10E12: About a Boy

★ ★ ★ ½

Stay calm? I’m a freaking tween, and you look like some One Direction reject, and we’re in some freaky serial killer basement."

Last time we left Dean, he was apologetic about beating Charlie to a pulp due to losing control to the Mark. Charlie is one of the few people in the show that has affected Dean in a significant way without having been killed off, so Dean’s loss of control is a bigger deal than they make it out to be.

If there was any part of Dean left wanting the Mark, that part should be almost entirely eradicated by now. His main focus now seems to be ridding himself of the Mark, shown by the somewhat long research scene. You just need to have a glimpse of Dean reading to show that he’s dedicated to the cause. Sam’s handling of the Mark was good. Sam pushed Dean from out of the bunker and gave him a good case to work on. The Mark is actually bringing them closer together and it’s that brotherly bond that gives the show its charm.

After all we’ve seen them go through, it’s nice to see Dean and Sam connect so well. The Winchesters’ had bits of dialogue, like the Easter Bunny bit or Sam saying "You pulled a Dean Winchester." Sam realizing Dean was this teenager on his doorstep without a word said was a nice touch.

Speaking of teenager Dean, Dylan Everett did a fantastic job of imitating Jensen Ackles’s version of Dean, one with all of his adult memories. Dylan’s Dean moved fluidly from young and charming to intense. It was interesting to see play out.

Crowley is right about something though, there’s a dark side of Dean that the show has shown briefly from time to time, but we haven’t had the chance to see it being explored until now. We’ve had his torturous career in hell, his merciless abandonment of Bela Talbot (sorry, still a big deal for me and I am still recovering), his demon self, and now, a spiraling loss of control to the Mark. Sam’s dark sides have had a much longer development and dedication, but has more to do with temptation than inner struggle.

Also, how awesome was it to have Lesley Nicol (Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey guest star as the witch from “Hansel and Gretel”? I mean holy crap! When her face was turned away from Tina, I expected a gross, disgusting witch make-up, but the reveal was so much better than that! I got giggly knowing that Mrs. Patmore was the one cutting up children. The reason why the witch doesn’t go after children was a smart one and so was her connection to Rowena.

Although it started off as a gimmick episode, “About a Boy” played around with this series’ theme of duality in one’s self. Dean having the opportunity to get rid of the Mark but then sacrificing that was sad to watch, especially when Tina comments on having a second chance. Lesley Nicol and Dylan Everett characters were fascinating to watch.


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