'Marvel’s Agent Carter' S1E7: SNAFU

★ ★ ★ ★ ½

Agent Carter’s explosive penultimate episode geared us up for a big showdown between the SSR and Leviathan.

A lot of the episode spent time building up suspense and it did it effectively. Dooley being the one to die in the end made perfect sense. Manipulated by Ivchenko since Ivchenko’s intro-duction and fleshed out in SNAFU, the reveal of his family situation and regrets relating to that helped make his transition to a character we would hate to see die was well timed. Ivchenko’s hypnosis still doesn’t fit too well, but the show did a much better job at it this time. Too bad we couldn’t have seen a memory-based death for Yauch.

Agent Carter S1E7

Peggy coming clean about her investigation into Howard Stark’s innocence was also nice to see. Along with that, she had the ability to be blunt with her SSR coworkers about their treat-ment of her and that that’s why she had such an easy time investigating behind their backs and why she didn’t let them in on it.

But those moments when Peggy dealt with the blood sample is when Haley Attwell really did a good job. Seeing her reveal her protectiveness of Captain America’s blood just shows how badly his death affected her. Also, that sigh of relief she had when all she was concerned Ivchenko took was that vial of blood was a sighted character flaw. Peggy’s love for Steve Rog-ers permeated her professionalism and SSR priorities.

The Peggy/Jarvis (Jeggy? Parvis? Jarter? Carvis?) combination was great as usual. The whole scene of them escaping the interrogation room was hilarious and so was Jarvis’s expla-nation of where the confession came from. Dottie too was on point with her evil evilness, specif-ically how she managed to get down the stairs. Points for originality.


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