An Open Letter to 'New Girl's Jess and Ryan and to the Most Sadistic TV Trope of All Time

New Girl is Friends for millennials. We relate to the characters, their dreams, their career paths, their lifestyles, and how their relationships work. Zooey Deschanel brings a magic to her character that makes Jess lovable, quirky, and a little bubble of perfect. Which is why she deserves Ryan!

Jess & Ryan

Not Nick. That sad, sad, cliché of a relationship.

The show let me believe that everything would work out for Jess and Ryan after all of Jess’s hardships (like that rough break up with the guy from season 1 I’ve forgotten about until now). I was too naïve to see it coming. As soon as Ryan wanted to take it further and Jess agreed, all hell broke loose. Ryan got offered a dream job and took it.

Talk about a cop-out.

The sad thing is, this happens all the time on TV! After our will-they-won’t-they couple breaks up, they end up in seemingly perfect relationships. Due to either a job offer or neglect (Jess’s relationship with Ryan and Nick’s with Kai, respectively) or the rebound finding out about the lead’s feelings for another lead, the relationship ends. Fans of Nick/Jess will rejoice knowing that there’s hope for Jick/Ness after all. Even Jake Johnson, Nick from New Girl, believes that that’s the direction the show is heading towards.

It’s a sadistic, horrible move, and a cliché one.

Jess & Nick

New Girl’s "Oregon" was all about solving those inevitabilities we knew were coming all along. Cece reveals feelings for Schmidt, Schmidt (despite his relationship) will probably end up with her. Nick and Jess will probably do so too. I’m just hoping it ends up differently.

Hear me out, Jyan just might work after all. I refuse to believe that the guy that flew to LA and back to meet with Jess to introduce her to his parents would give up on a relationship so easily! I mean, yes, the actual actor Julian Morris may have left the show for production reasons, etc. Story wise, though, it doesn’t make sense for Ryan to leave so suddenly. How fantastic would it be to see Ryan pull some huge romantic gesture in an effort to get Jess back?

Like say… quit his job in England and pull an accidental Jordan Catalano?


Best regards,

Not Julius Caesar

Even he wasn’t stabbed in the back as many times as this.


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Feb 20, 2015 4:35PM EST

Nick and Jess being a couple makes this show terrible. UGH!

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