'Supernatural' S10E15: The Things They Carried

★ ★ ★ ½

As much as I like Cole and Khan Worms, this was an enjoyable filler episode. So this is what happens when you really try to tie in the emotional parts of dealing with the Mark of Cain with a monster of the week episode, and yuck, was it gross. Cole getting infected by the Khan Worm is one scene I hope we don’t have to watch again.

Speaking of gross things, licking blood off the floor of a gas station? Super classy. The deaths in this episode were more graphic than what Supernatural usually shows, which was pretty great considering Supernatural may have to play catch-up with rival horror shows on TV right now.

Supernatural S10E15

Cole coming back into the picture was well-timed, and it’s nice to see how well-adjusted he is despite having obsessively tracked Dean-mon down (Why wasn’t the FBI hunting Dean down as well?) The amount of responsibility he felt over Kit really flashes viewers back to earlier seasons when the Winchesters did the same.

Kit’s death hit Sam hard. Sam’s been clinging to a hope that he may be able to save his brother one day. But when Dean tells him that some people die no matter what you do, the look on Sam’s face is priceless. While Dean seemingly has control of the Mark right now, how much longer does he have until things go haywire? Will Dean ever become too far gone?

The Mark is draining a lot of energy from the show, as it’s almost mandatory to devote a couple minutes to dialogue focused on it. Sam is being a good brother and doing… well, nothing most times. Sam really needs something to do.



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getting bored with off topic fillers.

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