'Supernatural' S10E16: Paint It Black

★ ★ ½

This season has proven that the monster-of-the-week format both can and can’t work. "Paint It Black" fell right in between. The Winchester story arc couldn’t quite find its footing this week because of a ghost whose feelings didn't come across so well.

This episode had the opportunity to be funny, but instead it established a much heavier tone. Which worked… at times. For Isabella’s storyline, it came across as goofy rather than that of a tale of heart break and revenge. Isabella’s description of her experience was rather vivid, but none of that came across. However, a ground up finger in a painting? Talk about an artistic revival. Both gruesome and a good piece of lore, that was a nice touch.

Ghosts aren’t exactly making a great impression of themselves this season. Well, they never really have in the show. Usually their stories are weak and their character development is rather bland. Isabella sadly follows that same pattern.

Sister Mathias was an interesting character. She actually knew about the ghosts and was entirely alright with it. However, that reveal should have popped up earlier and delivered in a very nonchalant fashion. It was nice seeing her able to understand the situation in a faster fashion than viewers are used to. It would’ve been really cool to have seen her use a salt gun though.

Supernatural S10E16

Best part of the whole episode had to have been Dean’s confession. Finally, we get to hear him say everything he’s had bottled up this whole time. It’s nice to see that Dean isn’t willing to go down without a fight. This scene addresses Sam’s concerns about Dean’s acceptance of his fate as well. Sam has nothing to do except tell Dean that everything will be alright. Sam needs a small plot line to keep things interesting with him.

I admit that there's nothing more than wanting Sam to take the backseat for once. But now that he has, he’s stayed there entirely. His inability to not be anything beyond being a brother and hunter is tedious to watch.

Ruth Connell, on the other hand, totally rocks the material she is given. Her brighter, more over-the-top tone contrasts with Crowley’s drier humor. While she may not have some evil plan cooked up, she’s making preparations for some big moves. Her scenes with Olivette lead to some great moments, like the discovery that the Men of Letters stole all of their magical knowledge from one of the most powerful covens in the world. Which, when you think about it, makes sense giving one of those spells is, well, time travel?!

Rowena constantly changes her main goal, however she may just end up wreaking havoc on the lives of everyone she knows. I’m looking forward to her next confrontation with the Winchesters and for Crowley to turn into a villain again. That’s one thing this season, and the show really, has been missing for some time: a bigger picture.

A pretty mediocre monster-of-the-week episode paired with Rowena mayhem is a relatively good mix. Although, the Rowena scenes still have no substantial impact and Sam is still taking up space. Dean’s newest confession leaves tells us that there’s some hope for him after all.


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