'Supernatural' S10E19: The Werther Project

★ ★ ★ ★ ½

The Winchesters are supposedly best together, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this episode. Supernatural managed to have both Dean and Sam stand out, albeit apart from each other. For a long time, Sam has had the habit of becoming interesting as soon as he does his own thing. His decision making is more volatile and he takes greater risks. It’s only a matter of time until we start to see some major consequences for his actions.

Unlike Sam, Rowena is entirely out of her element. Now, the quippy and overly dramatic character can’t find any grip on her own storyline. Sure, since her introduction she hasn’t been too compelling. But now, Rowena’s importance is wavering. It didn’t make too much sense for Sam to ask her for help, but the new pact they have is going to play out interestingly. I doubt Dean’s going to like it very much when he finds out that not only has Sam lied to him and worked with Rowena, but planning to kill Crowley? That’s going to raise some flags.

Supernatural S10E19

Magnus is still a very interesting character. Heck, a lot of Men of Letters are fun characters to watch. Probably too late to mention, but maybe the spin-off should have been about the Men of Letters? All of the flashbacks this episode, include those relating to the case, were greatly done. Cursed items are always a fun part of the show and usually lead to very compelling cases. The Werther Box’s effect on those who try to open it is brutal and effective as a story-telling device, as it showed what Dean and Sam were insecure about.

The twist that Rowena was Sam’s hallucination was a good one. Especially since the Box attempted to kill Sam by having Sam try and break the curse. That being said, Dean had a nice brotherly moment with him when he swooped in to save the day. It’s moments like that that the show should play on more often.

I was so happy to see Benny show up again. Benny’s character is one whose influence on Dean could quite possibly be equal with Castiel, in terms of character history. Benny’s point on Dean wanting to be in Purgatory was a hurtfully strong point. Dean, no matter how hard he tries, will never be able to escape the life of a hunter. We saw that in his relationship with Lisa.

"The Werther Project" played a lot on revealing certain truths about the Winchesters that we’ve known about for a while, although the show hasn’t directly stated the outright until now. Sam’s actions are indeed very volatile and the consequences for those will probably be very dire ones.


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