'Supernatural' S10E20: Angel Heart

★ ★ ★ ★ ½

This episode did Claire Novak’s character so much justice. At first, the episodes we saw her in weren’t compelling enough to bring much depth to her "bad girl" persona and to Castiel’s involvement in her life. But "Angel Heart" breathed new life into her character and to the show itself.

Claire hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Having lost both her mother and father, she wandered in and out of trouble until Castiel and the Winchesters found her. It was fantastic to watch her try and locate her mother in a style very much like how Dean tried finding John. It was from clue to clue. But the similarities don’t stop there. Dean and Claire are the perfect mentor-student pair, as Dean, too, was a troubled child who lost his parents and, on that level, they can relate in a very deep way.

Supernatural S10E20

Dean babysitting Claire was really fun to watch. Especially since he doesn’t allow her to drink, but then decides giving a gun is a good birthday present. Their mini golf outing was also a lot of fun to watch, especially since their personalities complemented each other because of their sameness. Much unlike Ennis Ross (aka. that Dean rip-off from Bloodlines), Claire wasn’t forged to be like Dean. It’s probably because Claire and Dean are so similar that they both tiptoe around one another.

It’s obvious that Claire was on the path to becoming a hunter well before finding her mother, which is why her mother’s death was so well timed. Not only did it resolve Jimmy Novak’s storyline, but it served as fuel for Claire’s potential. It tied in very nicely with the "death not being the end" theme of becoming a hunter. So, perhaps, Claire has that to hope for when learning how to become a full-fledged hunter. It was great seeing Jimmy reunite with Amelia. It’s sad to say, but that aspect of family outside of the Winchesters has been missing for a long time. So, it was nice to see that pop up again.

Speaking of nice things popping up again, we actually got to see a new creature. Well… a new derivation of one. The Grigori angel, Tamiel, was so powerful. It was impressive to see him keep up a fight with Mark Dean. Heck, it took all four of them to fight, distract, and kill this monster. Probably won’t be the last we see of them.

Claire’s evolution over the season made this episode even more important. It helped that the writing and direction were superior to a couple of other episodes. It also helped that the Mark wasn’t too much of a focus, for once.


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