'Supernatural' S10E21: Dark Dynasty

★ ★ ★ ★

Repeat after me: Death is not the end. Death is not the end. Death is not the end. Why does that matter on a show like Supernatural? Because CHARLIE IS DEAD AND I FEEL MISERABLE! There are a variety of ways of Charlie being brought back though… This is Supernatural after all.

If you love Felicia Day as Charlie, you’ll want nothing more than for her to be brought back. I really hope she isn’t dead dead. The charm and energy Charlie brings to the show runs deeper than a bunch of nerd jokes, she’s the only genuine connection Sam and Dean have. Her death did not carry the weight it should have though. It was fast and seemed to be more of a plot device than just a cruel, cruel thing to do to fans. Let’s face it, killing Charlie should have been a bigger deal and doing so would have not only been a great twist, but a creative one as well.

Supernatural S10E21

The Stynes were revealed to be Frankensteins. Meh. While their on-screen presence is a really cool one, their history is very dull and didn’t add up exactly. The surgical immortality angle is a very good one and the Mary Shelley connection worked, but their family business? Not so much.The reveal that they are the root cause for several terrible events in mankind’s history was a surprise, but not an interesting one. Their skill set will make them very formidable enemies.

I have hopes that the Frankenstein connection could save Charlie’s life. Not only is it well-timed, but it could be the right move in order to develop Charlie’s character as a whole. She’s got to come back… somehow. Rowena’s going to come in at some point and perhaps this is it. She’s been bounced around the show and while her witty humor is nice, she still doesn’t have a purpose. The hamster Crowley talked to has more use on the show than she does. She did have a really nice scene with Charlie. Charlie’s dark side has been brought up twice this season and I can’t help but wonder if it will come into play.

The worst part about this whole episode had to have been the Sam lying to Dean subplot. Lying does not make for good stories on Supernatural, especially since everyone is terrible at lying. While Sam’s excuses were probably worse than the empty, manipulative lies Rowena told Crowley, and it was so stupid to sit through.

Dean definitely has the right to be angry at Sam. Sam formed an entire operation beneath his nose and put Charlie in danger. Just wait until Dean finds out Sam has been working with Rowena too. Jensen Ackles did a great job portraying just how angry Dean could get.

While this episode had its moments… and THAT moment, the Styne twist and Sam’s lies brought it down as a whole.


  • Can Rowena please have some purpose within this show? She can’t rule Hell, she doesn’t have an evil plan yet, and even Charlie had to decode the spell book for her…
  • Castiel’s call with Dean was funny


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