'Bates Motel' S3E10: Unconscious

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Yes, Mother, what have you done?! With the end of Bradley’s story, comes the end of this season. Bates Motel really figured out how to map out each season by now, focusing more on Norman’s crazy and having other situations escalate accordingly. In the end, all we were left with was the aftermath of Norman’s alter-ego and the sense of dread that comes with it.

It was nice to have Bradley on the show, just so that Norman could be around someone who had absolutely no idea of just how crazy he actually was. Just how swiftly Bradley’s death took was extremely shocking and effective, as she had absolutely no way to make it out alive and was caught entirely off-guard. The parallels with Marion Crane were all gleeful to watch come about. From Bradley’s thieving to the car being pushed into the water with Bradley in it.

It was really creepy seeing the transition from Norman to Norma and then back to Norman again while Norman/Norma was murdering Bradley. Bradley’s death was the only one this episode that was so profoundly suspenseful.

Bates Motel S3E10

What’s really intriguing though is that Norman was the only person who had seen Bradley in the past two episodes. It would be a really great twist if Bradley hadn’t been there at all and if Norman just imagined the whole thing. It’s not too farfetched for Norman to have played Bradley as well, breaking into her mother’s home I mean. Bradley was a big part of Norman’s life at one point, the only connection we really have to his high school days.

It was hilarious to have Norma knock Norman out after misunderstanding the situation with Bradley not being dead. But it was even nicer to have Dylan tell Norma that Norman does see things that aren’t there. They both have a right to be skeptical about the whole thing. Norman’s psychosis has clearly deteriorated since the beginning of the season. It would be interesting to have Norman live in a mental hospital for some time, given that Dylan and Norma could definitely scrape together the money somehow. But it would give Norman a chance to talk to other patients and gain insight on what it’s like to be insane.

It’s a nice step for Norma to consider Norman having treatment. Even though her rejection of the notion of having someone like the psychiatrist she had a thing with treat Norman is a little hard to bite. Norma constantly doubts Norman on everything. Not too sure why she would agree with him on that point besides attempting to reach a compromise on the treatment issue.

Bob Paris’s story was entirely underwhelming. While he did seem like a big threat, the only drama we got to see on his part was passive-aggressively making a pool pit and blackmailing Norma with knowledge about Norman. But to be taken down so easily and without any irreparable damage caused by him, it certainly toned down the suspense built throughout the season involving his part in the show. It’s disappointing that we didn’t get to find out anymore about the Arcanum Club and the death of Annika. Also, does the Arcanum Club tie in in any way with the sex ring in season one? The lack of development on the Arcanum Club and Annika’s story (which resulted only in handing off a flash drive) were loose ends that were wrapped up a little conveniently. More importantly, why did Annika steal that flash drive in the first place?

The disappearance of Chick in this episode probably means that he is going to be a major conflict next season, but it’s a pity that some questions were left unanswered.

Also, how cute are Dylan and Emma? AKA DYLEMMA!! BOOM! YOU HEARD IT FIRST HERE!!


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Apr 3, 2016 5:18PM EDT

Dylan and Emma ARE really cute.

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