'Supernatural' S10E23: My Brother’s Keeper

★ ★ ★ ★ ½

While the Dean last episode was despicable yet forgivable, the one we saw this week was a flipped switch. So cynical and insensitive that he gave John Constantine a run for his money, from the get-go Dean’s comments about the victim were out of line. He changed very, very quickly. Even though the personality change is jarring, it worked well to set up how much Dean was in need of the Mark’s removal.

Dean did bring up some important points this time. Sam has been acting selfishly this entire season. In order to save Dean, the risks and sacrifices Sam has had to make reflect poorly on the good the Winchesters are supposed to be doing. Their fight was entertaining, although it still would have been better placed last episode, and the moment when Sam is finally ready to have Dean kill him is especially sad. While the tension was zapped because Sam’s one of the show’s stars, the moment was still uneasy.

Supernatural S10E23

The Mark’s tying in with the Darkness was a nice shift for the series and a good twist, albeit it was never mentioned before, but it worked since only Death, God, and Lucifer had knowledge of it. Finally, the Winchesters will be facing another major threat. One that endangers the world rather than just them and friends. The Mark up until this point has been a boring plot device that led to some really great, but inconsequential moments. As soon as Death revealed the true nature of the Mark, things became much more interesting. The history of the Mark isn’t as interesting as the lore of it. The Lucifer connection wasn’t particularly exciting, given that any Lucifer reference is about three seasons too dated.

Ever since the Apocalypse and Yellow-Eyed Demon were stopped, a new Big Bad has been needed. Instead of dealing with storylines that span across seasons, the Winchesters (and viewers) have had to put up with uninteresting villains and conflicts that are wrapped up too quickly or messily. Death’s death’s consequences may prove to yield some interesting moments later on. Just hope that the Reapers don’t have a civil war. Anything but another civil war storyline would be nice.

Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard had an great scene together at the Crossroads, but their cliffhanger was devoid of any suspense. And it’s fantastic to have evil Crowley back. Rowena still does not have a key role as a villain within the show as of yet, but with all of the supplies she made off with, Rowena could become a very fun threat.

With the Mark gone and Dean and Sam (and most likely the rest of the Supernatural world) whisked away by the Dark Curse—*clears throat* excuse me, I meant to say the Darkness—and the consequences of Dean and Sam’s actions may wind up being—in Storybrooke—an awesome direction for the series.

Season 10, the once final season of Supernatural, was a bumpy one. It took several steps in the right direction, and then took a few steps back. The escalating/de-escalating Mark moments didn’t help the show overall. With the Deanmon gone too soon to have any impact, the Mark’s lack of an impact throughout the season didn’t get exciting until it was removed. The cast’s character development, although, has been excellent because of the Mark, except for Crowley, whose transition back to evil-King-of-Hell-ness was rushed and, too, lacked any big impacts on the show.


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May 21, 2015 5:17PM EDT

Well written, I do agree with most of it. I also hope Rowena turns out to be a more interesting threat next season, as most of this season, I was just hoping for Crowley to find out and get rid of her once and for all. Only time will tell though.

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