'Wayward Pines' S1E4: One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chose to Retire Review

★ ★ ★ ½

After the death of Sheriff Pope, things glided into normality extremely quickly. There were absolutely no repercussions for killing him, in fact, Burke was given a new job as Sheriff of Wayward Pines and dealt with that. Meanwhile, Theresa had the opportunity to explore the town and Ben got indoctrinated.

Burke’s new job as Sheriff, while obviously the direction they were heading towards, is very surprising, at first. It’s clear that the overlords really want Burke to work for them. Besides giving him a new job, the overlords also gave him his family and access to a lot of answers. It seems that they are doing so in order to keep him in town, to make him feel as comfortable as possible. For now, it seems like they believe learning the truth about the area will make Burke want to stay there and protect the citizens of Wayward Pines. Yet, then again, he’s the least indoctrinated person within the whole town and is going to create several problems when he starts ignoring the rules as well as Nurse Pam’s "civic duty".

This episode gave a better understanding of the daily, not so paranoid, lifestyle of the Waywards. Burke was able to socialize and play their game while gaining power within his position. But just as Burke was getting settled in, in comes Nurse Pam with Peter McCaul, a graffiti artist and Reckoning up-and-comer, testing Burke’s loyalty to the laws. Peter’s backstory raised several eyebrows, especially since he was taken into town by a much younger Nurse Pam who aged quickly. Now, finally, there was a visible effect of the time jump, although hopefully something coming up will be more jarring.

Wayward Pines S1E4

While Burke may have the resume, he may not have the right personality for the job. As he said, Nurse Pam would be better suited for Sheriff. Peter picked up on this and committed suicide by throwing himself up against an electric fence, making it appear that Burke had done his job.

There was a glimpse into Theresa’s backstory this episode: she was originally an agent in training, but quit in order to become a mom. Theresa was also given a job as a realtor. This career will probably end up being just as important as Burke’s, but it’s still unclear as to why the two of them would be given powerful jobs within Wayward Pines.

We were also introduced to some new characters. The Mayor and his wife, a former hypnotherapist in charge of getting children "used to" Wayward Pines. The hypnotherapist scenes, unlike everything else this episode, weren’t quite as effective. Over the course of two sessions, Ben suddenly became worthy of a high five… The scenes certainly weren’t as intense as the could have been. They were going in a good direction when the hypnotherapist told Ben that his dad could be lying to him about the assignment. But then, in the next session, Ben’s "improvement" was too quick. Ben also found himself a new love interest who, obviously, was just there to make sure he doesn’t end up getting home sick. It’s still surprising that Ben isn’t as wary of the town as his parents are, given that he had helped kill Pope the night before.

Besides finding out that Sheriff Pope wasn’t that popular, Burke got a lot of access and went out to see what those monsters are, Theresa got a new job, and Ben’s indoctrination was wrapped up a little too quickly. It’s still unknown what happens to other families that come looking for their loved ones. If both Theresa and Burke had this easy of a time ending up in town, what prevents others from doing the same?


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