'Penny Dreadful' S2E6: Glorious Horrors

★ ★ ★ ★ ½

"Glorious Horrors" indeed. There is nothing I love more than the lavish parties Penny Dreadful puts together. The costumes and music leave behind a haunting echo of the past as the real collides with the supernatural. It’s been a long while since "Seance" and Vanessa still can’t make it past a fancy gathering without rubbing shoulders with bad psychic juju.

A great deal of things happened at Dorian’s ball. With Vanessa’s collapse and more, it was a smooth way for Dorian to find his way back into the main storyline. While Vanessa didn’t recognize Lily, Dorian most certainly did. Lily, too, felt a connection with Dorian, most likely due to what little remains of her memories still tethering her to certain people. It was interesting seeing Dorian toy with her about her new identity and trying to get her to admit to knowing each other. Won’t be too long until Lily and everyone else find out the truth.

Penny Dreadful S2E6

Things are quickly falling apart for Lily and Victor as jealousy got the best of him at the party. With Dorian seemingly moving past Angelique and Victor’s fight with Lily, could that point towards them rekindling the relationship? Will Dorian take notice of Lily’s sudden "recuperation" from consumption? It was still incredibly cocky of Victor to even bring Lily to the ball in the first place. It certainly wasn’t safe for either one of them to be seen with one another, especially with the threat of Ethan. While Victor wasn’t aware of Lily’s connection with Dorian, he was aware of that one. Vanessa could have been escorted by either Ethan or John (I totally expected her to bring him along. *Cue imaginary mayhem*), but it’s good that that didn’t happen. It was nice to see the show build upon the relationships and conflicts that were present rather than create new ones. Vanessa attending to ball by herself also drew the focus onto her in a variety of ways.

Most interesting of all was Vanessa’s first conversation with Evelyn Poole, who had to reintroduce to herself as Madame Kali. Even though Vanessa’s spidey sense tingled, she didn’t figure out Evelyn’s true identity but Vanessa certainly disapproved of her enough. It’s a little odd, however, that Vanessa and Ethan haven’t connected the dots about Sir Malcolm’s sudden change in demeanor. The man spent the night somewhere else and came back worried more about replacing the carpet than going to his wife’s funeral? Yeah, fishy. (I mean, he even got rid of the beard!)

Ethan had a very threatening conversation with Mr. Roper, who described the location of Vanessa’s bedroom in order to show Ethan just how serious he was. The werewolf mechanics in the show are still unknown. Does Roper’s survival now mean that he’s a werewolf too? Also, does anyone else think that Ethan was cursed by American Indians for what he did to them? While Ethan could have been used to stir up trouble at the ball, the show took the opportunity to allow him to figure out just what he’s having to deal with every month and Sembene is just the man to help him do that.

As Hecate seems to be rebelling against Evelyn’s orders bit by bit, a lot is to come with next episode as Ethan and Vanessa return to the Cutwife’s Cottage! Bad things seem to be coming for John with the "plans" Putney has for him, and Dorian and Lily will seem to grow closer as Victor and her grow apart.


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