'Wayward Pines' S1E5: The Truth

★ ★ ★ ★ ½

It’s great to see what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Finally, all the answers have arrived and they. are. fantastic. If you managed to work your way up to this point… Congratulations. You have passed Orientation and are now probably not going to stop watching anytime soon. Thanks to Ethan, we finally got a glimpse at the "Abbies" and just exactly what Wayward Pines is keeping secret — the apocalypse happened over 2000 years ago.

The episode nicely managed to follow Ethan’s, Ben’s, and Theresa’s perspectives, allowing for viewers to gain as much information as possible to three different levels of knowledge regarding the going-ons of Wayward Pines. Theresa, thanks to her new realtor job, learned a little more about how new residents arrive in Wayward Pines; Ethan got a good look at post-apocalyptic Boise; and, most interesting of all, Ben went through "Orientation". Ben’s "orientation" helped us learn the following: 1.) It was the year 4028; 2.) The human race and civilization as we know it was decimated due to evolutionary "abhorrences" (mutations); and 3.) That Ben and all of the students at Wayward Pines Academy belong to the "first generation" of Wayward Pines, an "arc" containing the last remnant of human kind.

When watching Ms. Fisher give the presentation, one thought that probably crossed your mind (it certainly did mine) is why not tell everyone? If everyone knew, then maybe they wouldn’t want to escape so badly and it would, in turn, be safer. But a reasonable question is met with a reasonable, albeit cynical, response. One set of parents killed themselves after their child told them about what had happened. It’s still unknown as to what happens to children if they "fail" Orientation, but you can presume that they probably don’t live long enough to try again.

Wayward Pines S1E5

"Dr. Jenkins" was revealed to be David Peltier — not only the town founder and savior of the human race, but discoverer of the mutation that caused humans to turn into Abbies. There’s still something a little off about the guy. Even though I can’t put my finger on it, I can’t help but feel that he’s the one who caused the apocalypse to happen. Another reveal is just how good of an agent Theresa could have been. Far different from the stay-at-home housewife we met at the beginning of the series, Theresa has taken charge in a very Elastigirl type fashion. Thankfully, she is far more capable of her high ranking position than most people believe, demonstrated by her smooth interrogation skills.

Besides answering any and all theories we could possibly have about why Wayward Pines is, this episode also explained the time jump; the rules; and why killing adults is necessary. Giving three perspectives in order to explain the post-apocalyptic world of Wayward Pines, it was a carefully and well wrapped gift to the conspiracy nuts within all of us. I mean, my Maze Runner theory was close to what actually happened (And I was joking!)

Follow-up questions:

  • Where do they get fresh supplies? When will they run out?
  • Why is Ethan still the best candidate for the job?
  • How many people do they have cooped up in hibernation pods?
  • Was anyone taken after the year 2015?
  • Is there a zoo or aquarium? Are there farms? A section with futuristic technology?
  • Why isn’t Wayward Pines bigger?
  • Does Wayward Pines have extensions?
  • What do they expect the first generation to do?
  • Won’t students need to take skill-based classes like engineering or farming?
  • Why is Ethan right for the job?
  • Are there more towns like Wayward Pines?


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