Get a Sneak Peek of Yahoo Screen's Intergalatic Comedy, Other Space

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, we at SideReel are basically a bunch of closet nerds (okay, maybe not "closet" at all), so a comedy that appeals to our inner geek is almost always an easy win in our book.

Other Space comes from Paul Feig, the same genius who brought us Bridesmaids, and follows the misadventures of an inept space crew stranded in a wormhole. I know, it sounds terrifying... but somehow this cast manages to make impending doom seem out-of-this-world hilarious. Think of it as Strek Trek meets The Office. Also, there's a talking robot. ALSO, did we mention that Dave Franco is in it?

STILL not convinced? Catch a preview (or several) of the gang's outer space shenanigans in the playlist below:

Other Space airs on Yahoo! Screen.


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