'UnREAL' S1E7: Savior

★ ★ ★ ★

There are moments sprinkled throughout UnREAL in which the characters appear to have some morals… and then this happens.There was not one person who did the right thing in wake of Mary’s suicide. Worst of all, Shia got away with it.

Starting right after Mary’s suicide, all production behind Everlasting shuts down. The team herds the girls and locked them in a room, where they begin piecing together that something is very wrong. The tip-off? There isn’t a single camera rolling. Adam doesn’t have any idea what’s going on either and gets locked in his room too, but he gets informed before anyone else. The producers want him to be the one to tell the girls about Mary’s suicide — and of course Adam isn’t cool with it. After some pushing, "toddler-level reverse psychology" Adam reluctantly agrees. All of the girls’ behaviors have become predictable at this point. You expected Faith to want a group prayer or that Anna would become guilt-ridden and reflect on Mary. Adam isn’t an exception. That seems to be an underlying point in the show — that people are predictable.

UnReal S1

While the contestants are all dealing with grief, the producers are all scrambling to find a solution to their legal problems. The police are snooping around, the tabloids are blowing up, and then Kirk decided to sue the show for her death. Shia freaks out over her mistakes and tells Quinn and Rachel about what she did. The two of them make the decision to protect her by locking her up in a hotel room until the entire situation back at the house settles down. Later on, Shia gets "fired" because all of her contestants are gone. With Mary’s suicide, Maya decides to finally quit the show. It’s not really too big of a deal to see either Maya or Shia go.

Rachel saves the show again when she forges Mary’s suicide note (go Team Rachel…). That was a twist I definitely didn’t see coming. The very moment Lizzie was finished and said "nice job on the note" to Rachel, I began to freak out. It’s a dark move with really beneficial consequences. Lizzie reads Rachel’s note — well aware it’s a fake — because it would be a great solution to her custody lawsuit with Kirk over Lilybell.

After "grief sex" with Jeremy (who probably went home to to comfort his episode-absent fiancée), Rachel needed to be with someone who will tell her everything is OK. While Quinn offers to be her shoulder to cry on, she and Rachel both know that what she said was something that was never going to happen, so Rachel crawls into Adam’s bed and the two cuddle. It would be really funny if she screwed up Everlasting again by having Adam leave the show for her.

I’m not exactly sure where the show is going to go at this point or how the producers are going to rile up the contestants. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


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