'Hannibal' S3E7: Digestivo

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I’m sorry to say that it seems that Will and Hannibal have officially broken up. Out of all of the serial killers I have seen taunt the people who are trying to catch them, Hannibal trumped them all. To screw with Jack (who wanted to catch Hannibal) and Will (who wanted Hannibal out of sight and out of mind), Hannibal decided to turn himself in in the most passive aggressive way possible. Never mess with Hannibal after a really bad break up.

Hannibal wasn’t the only demented villain this episode. Mason, habitual child tear drinker and sadist, became far, far worse than I ever thought possible of him. Mason evokes villainy to an almost cartoonish extent. From his laissez faire attitude towards victims to the eel in the aquarium, Mason seems to breathe cliche. He is, that being said, the ultimate poser. Mason should have heeded Alana’s warning: "Play with your food Mason and you give it opportunity to fight back." The obvious interpretation of this refers to Hannibal, but the phrase itself can be applied to his relationship with Alana and Margot, whom he toyed with on a frequent basis. The three of them all fought back — hard. Ironically, Mason got what he wanted. To "dine" wearing the face of another human being.

Hannibal S3

Muskrat Farms ceased being just a setting for the Hannibal version of Cruel Intentions, but transformed into a full-fledged horror movie with a high-strung soundtrack playing eerily in the background. The revelation of the "surrogate mother" was just as psychologically traumatizing as Mason said it would be. There’s a certain "out with the old and in with the new" kind of abandonment reverberating throughout the episode which feels like the end of the high-end, baroque horror that Hannibal tended to echo this season.

It was fantastic to see a captive Hannibal speak with people throughout the episode. While most times Hannibal seems like a cornered beast, this time around it felt more like he was caged. His conversation with Alana is very reminiscent of the "sessions" he will have with Will and Clarice later on.

Chiyoh, Hannibal’s guardian angel, has purposely been kept on the sidelines throughout the series. Striking from the shadows, it will be interesting to see Chiyoh develop before the series comes to an end. Now that Hannibal has turned himself in, I’m intrigued to see what she will do without having a job that’s as time-investing as looking out for Hannibal. I’m looking forward to seeing her meet with Will again.

Even with Mason Verger dead, Hannibal definitely won’t be quieting down. The Red Dragon is coming soon and with that, an entirely new investigation. I’m going to savor every remaining minute of season 3.


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