'Wayward Pines' S1E10: Cycle

★ ★ ★ ½ (★ ½ if I counted the ending)

Remember the twist ending of M. Night’s The Village? Yeah. This was just as bad.

You know, out of all of the frustrating M. Night twists we’ve had to put up with, this one really takes the cake. It’s insulting that all it took to defeat and ice the adults we’ve grown to love over the past 10 episodes were a ragtag team of hormone-crazed, Pilcher-loving teenagers led by a psychopath introduced to viewers in episode 9. No, really. After Ben’s comical accident, he wakes up from being in a coma for three years and walks around the new Wayward Pines, where teens rule and adults drool. The entire sequence reached a Planet of the Apes level of ridiculousness, along with their very own version of Ape-braham Lincoln.

WaywardPines S1

Annoying ending aside, the rest of the episode was a good conclusion to the series. The battle between the Abbies and the humans was entertaining. My personal favorite moment being Theresa’s Abbie, which was stabbed in the eye with a hypodermic needle before being shot out of frame by Ethan. Lots of extras got killed off in the background while the characters we care about wound up in the bunker, got into the Mountain, and, I guess, were either iced or crushed beneath the iron will of teen spirit. Does anyone know what happened to Ruby?

Besides Ethan’s heroic death, the only other major loss in the episode was Ms. Fisher. After the survivors made it into the bunker, she remained a stern supporter of Pilcher’s, until convinced otherwise. She gives the access code necessary to get into the Mountain to Kate and stays behind in case other survivors need to get into the bunker. While her actions were redeeming, her death was shoehorned into the episode, but even Ms. Fisher got more closure than Theresa.

After the survivors storm the base, Pilcher is killed (really wish he had been eaten instead of shot) and Pam assumes control. The power vacuum left by Pilcher and Ethan leads Pam and Kate to team up in order to make a better Wayward Pines, one without the surveillance and Reckonings. Honestly, I would have been perfectly happy with that conclusion right there. But, you know, M. Night.

Plot Holes:

  • Wouldn't Ms. Fisher know about the bunker in the school? If so, why did she stay behind? Wouldn't she have hopes that the children went to the bunker? I mean, Jason couldn't have been the only person who knew about that bunker.
  • How many of the teenagers were even okay with overthrowing the adults?
  • Why did they keep the surveillance? Or Pilcher's form of government? They do know that Pilcher's security measures were a way to control the adults, right? Why keep it if they don't like it?
  • Pam is Pilcher’s sister, so why didn’t they listen to her? She seemed to have a very high position in the community.
  • Sure, they're brainwashed. But why?
  • How many teens shared Pilcher’s views? See, this is why we needed more time to develop these teenagers we just met
  • Was Kate and Pam’s form of government that against their ideals?
  • Wouldn’t the teens hear about how Pilcher shut off all of the electricity intended to kill all of them?
  • If the Abbies are strong and intelligent enough to attack Wayward Pines once the power was shut off and infiltrate the bunker, why did an electrified fence even stop them? They could have just climbed over (like Ethan did) and they obviously knew about the people inside, so why didn’t they attack before? They’re not stupid. Apparently.
  • Why did Pilcher build such a weak bunker that led to the Mountain? In the middle of town! The Abbies got in with ease, so Pilcher shutting off the fence’s power would have gotten himself killed too.
  • How was Pam defrosted so quickly?
  • Who trained Amy to be a nurse? Who trained any of these kids?
  • When did the teens overthrow the adults? and why?
  • Why is Wayward Pines still not self-sustainable? Why isn’t it bigger?
  • How do the teens know how to run anything?
  • Why did the sign say "Do Not Leave"? Why would you want to leave?! The teens know about the Abbies!


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