'UnREAL' S1E10: Future

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We’ve all heard that too familiar hyperbole: "This is most dramatic finale ever." And we all know that it’s a big lie that works every time, but if Everlasting were an actual reality series, it would have, most definitely, become one of the most talked about reality show finales of all time. When it comes to making drama, Rachel always delivers.

After sleeping over at Jeremy’s Rachel leaves him (and a note) to go have a fairy tale ending with Adam. Adam does the same to Anna and tries to sneak out off the property, but instead gets cornered by Quinn. It was obvious that she was going to derail Rachel and Adam’s plans, but what made the reveal at the end of the finale so great was that it wasn’t blackmail or giving Adam an incentive, but instead it was just Quinn telling him the cold, hard truth about Rachel — and Adam… kind of freaked out. Whether it was genuine concern about her well-being or just a deal breaker for him, it didn’t matter because Rachel used him as a means to an end when making the greatest reality show finale in history (cue maniacal laughter).

Finding out that Brad had his assistant cancel the pitch meeting, Quinn gets confronted by Madison, Wagerstein, and Chet. Madison calls the bj consensual — and, in related news, gets promoted to field producer — and Dr. Wagerstein gets her show segment. As soon as the Dynamic Duo leave the room, Quinn tells Chet that things are over between the two of them after realizing that she’s the new "wife-y." It doesn’t take too long for Rachel and Quinn to join forces and come up with the perfect way to bring down both of the men in their lives — and what happens is simply perfect.

UnReal S1

While this is happening, Jeremy does some fact checking and puts it together (finally) that Adam and Rachel have been hooking up. He pretend proposes to Rachel only to call her out on her bs and call her "toxic" in front of the entire crew.

Chet decided to was a good idea to bring Brittany back and stir the pot, not realizing that they had already done something similar on three different season (sidenote: just how incompetent is Chet?). While it was awesome having Brittany come back, the reintroduction was uneven and sadly, her presence in the episode didn’t fit in like it should have. Then again, it did lead to some pretty good one liners: "Take that, bitch."

Rachel drags Adam into a confessional and begins crying her eyes out screaming at him to tell her what’s wrong with her. It was heartbreaking to watch — even if it was fake — because, you just know that deep down inside that’s the question she wants answered the most. Adam confesses that he has no feelings for Anna who’s sitting on the other side of the confessional, show-ready for the wedding, and decides to make a run for it.

UnReal S1

On — let me remind you — live television, Quinn gives Chet full control of the camera crew (the guy can’t even work a walkie-talkie), knowing full well about the hell that’s about to break loose. Anna doesn’t arrive on cue, but Rachel does. She stands up in front of all the camera and says, "This has never happened before in the history of Everlasting, but we have a runaway bride," and that Adam will be going home alone. Soon after, Brittany takes the spotlight and begins begging Adam to marry her since the whole show is a lie and he doesn’t care who he’ll end up marrying anyways. Brad and Chet immediately freak out, but Chet’s unable to handle any of the cameramen and ends up filming the carpet (I laughed so much when that happened). Brad begs Quinn to take over and, before doing so, makes him give her a show. Quinn then does what Quinn does best and directs the cameramen with ease, making Chet look like a fool for not being able to produce his own show.

It doesn’t take too long for the camera crew to find Anna, who picks up on what Rachel is doing and gives an excellent speech about how Adam isn’t smart and is a "cheating slut." I’m proud of Anna really; manipulated all season and, probably, the only person on the whole show who actually believed in the "crap" they’re selling on Everlasting. It made for great television, fictional and real.

All seems like it’s looking up for Quinn and Rachel until Rachel finds out from Adam that Quinn told him all about Rachel’s "hospitalization" and freak out at last season’s Everlasting finale. In a way, despite Rachel’s obvious hatred for Quinn, she appears to have understood that Quinn was doing it for her own good. Rachel has a really weird moment when she tells Quinn that Jeremy might want to kill her. While, yeah, Mary’s death probably won’t be the last, I doubt that Jeremy’s going to go ballistic like that.

Instead, we have him going to Rachel’s mother for help, so that’s definitely going to be an interesting team up.

If you’re curious about season 2, seems that the show is going to keep the same format. Royal Love and Royal Renovations are has-beens. You can read more about it here.


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