'Scream' S1E6: Betrayed

★ ★ ★ ½

It’s been three episodes since the last time someone got killed off on Scream. Ghostface is taking his/her sweet time so that lack of murder doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping soon... Scream has tried very hard to differentiate itself from other horror shows, and the sad thing is, it succeeds because its lack of scares. Focusing more on the mystery and less on the gore, Scream’s desire to be a tension-filled murder mystery instead of a slasher show has had its ups and downs, but now that Ghostface has killed (only) four victims, he seems to be showing some favoritism.

I’m not saying that Ghostface won’t murder any of the Screamers if given the chance, but, for the time being, he/she isn’t. Meanwhile, we’re finding more and more about the homicidal tendencies held by a lot of people in Lakewood. Maybe they need some anger management? For now, the primary suspect (and primary red herring) is Mr. Branson, who Noah thinks is the killer. I mean, we all get it. The guy’s a creep. But Kieran and Jake are just way creepier. How is it that they haven’t pinged on Noah’s mur-dar? (Mur-dar: it’s like gay-dar but for serial killers!)

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But it’s not just the guys (like, all of them) who are giving us the creeps, Audrey was brought into questioning after her DNA was discovered on the inside of a Brandon James mask found at the hospital. After that, Audrey begged Noah and Emma to steal of a compromising video of her from her house before the feds got a hold of it. On it, Audrey is yelling at Rachel about getting revenge against Nina on the night of the murder. It looks so bad even Noah is a little skeptical about Audrey’s innocence. Emma, on the other hand, is so stubborn about Audrey’s innocence that she straight up lies to the cops about having been with Audrey the night of the murder. It’s all hugs from that point on, but I doubt this will be the last time Audrey gets placed as a number one suspect.

Maggie tells Emma all about her Snape-Lily relationship with Brandon James, and how she, to this day, thinks that he wasn’t the killer. Apparently, Brandon believed Maggie deserved better than Kevin, Emma’s father, but someone told Kevin, and he beat Brandon to a pulp, supposedly sparking the murder spree. Maggie tried to talk to Brandon about the situation, but her father discovered the meeting and sent the police who, presumably, shot Brandon. I’m thinking Brandon survived the shot, finished up his plastic surgery, and became Sheriff Hudson… but that’s just me.

With Jake and Brooke sharing a Rear Window-esque storyline, Will decides he needs some desperate PR saving and strikes up a deal with Piper (who wants him to star on her show and dish on Nina). Will seems to be taking the "I was manipulated into working with her and now I want to do the right thing" route, but it’s really hard to tell just how much influence Nina actually had on people since she died so soon. Will meets Maddox and gives him the sole copy and the money, hoping to reach an understanding. Piper gleefully tapes the entire encounter, loving the new angle on her story. Soon after, the killer strikes both of them down — and takes Will with him/her.

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