'Scream' S1E7: In the Trenches

★ ★ ★ ½

I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve been wanting someone to get the ax (or tractor chainsaw) for a really long time. The timing of Will’s death couldn’t have been better. Not only was it a great out for a tired character and storyline, but a shocking ending to a pretty uneventful episode.

If you or your friends had any theories about the killer(s) is, any of one of them is probable now. "In the Trenches" didn’t just wrap up the blackmail plot, it threw off all the ideas viewers have about the identity of the killer(s). The majority of the characters weren’t with the Screamers, meaning that any one of them could have been the killer. Jake, Kieran, Sheriff Hudson, Mr. Branson, Piper, Maddox, Audrey, and even Maggie were all either missing or had too convenient timing.

Just laying this out for you, there are only four events that characters had to be at: Will’s kidnapping (and all that requires), the dinner, the bowling alley, and the Maddox confrontation. Mr. Branson, Audrey, and Piper were essentially gone the whole time; Jake and Kieran make appearances and disappearances; Hudson, Maggie, and Kieran were only there for one of the events; and Brooke and Noah were the most present, but either one of them could be in cahoots with the killer. So yeah, it’s anyone’s game at this point.

Scream S1

Sub-plot-Jake and Brooke tell Emma about Will’s "scheming" before Jake’s manipulations get outed by Piper, who also leads them to where she and Will were attacked. For some reason, Jake gets forgiven quickly and is toted around in all of this. Piper shows them the killer's message: "NO COPS EMMA." From there, Emma uses Noah’s plot device hacking skills to locate the signal on Will’s phone which leads them to an abandoned bowling alley where Brandon James used to work. The team decide to "shake and Jake" (actual line in the episode) despite Noah’s efforts to convince everyone that splitting up is always a bad idea. The group finds Will and a tape depicting a conversation Emma’s father had about Maggie sleeping with "that monster" (Brandon?).

The group narrowly escapes death, with Jake getting injured, and have a get together "montage" (Noah’s basically their Abed at this point. *Noah-Audrey in the morning!*) Interestingly enough, Kieran shows up out of nowhere (did anyone tell him that they were at the bowling alley?) and was luckily "driving around." Sure, buddy. It make work for your very creepy family/relationship dynamic with Emma, but not for me.

After the Screamers make it out alive, it doesn’t take long for Noah to start suspecting: "Jake’s on the mend. Will’s wounded warrior act made Emma forgive his sins. Either one of them could have set up this entire thing to convince us to trust them." He then begins to worry about Emma going back to Will, which, of course, she does. When she gets out of her car, she gets another call from Will telling her to "find him." Emma asks him about their second date, which the killer fails to know about, and asks "What did you do to him?!" The killer giggles and replies with "It’s what you’re gonna do to him that’s the real bitch," and sure enough, it is. Emma runs through the barn to find Will tied to a chair with a chainsaw-tractor-thing above his head. She runs to rescue him but triggers a trip wire that turns the machine on. Right after, Will gets all over Emma in the wrongest way possible.

Scream S1


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