'Scream' S1E10: "Revelations" Review

★ ★ ★ ½

Scream left me wanting more — for all the wrong reasons.

Sad to say Screamers, but Revelations was, by far, the best episode of the season. The only one that truly felt like a horror movie with substance. In a last ditch effort, it got us to care about the characters in a way that we hadn’t all season long. Brooke, for one, improved a lot. Turns out, all she needed to do was act human and not like some two dimensional dumb blonde. (Shocker.) Then again, the entire episode was a bit of a letdown. With only three deaths occurring in the episode (two of them being the killer, which doesn’t count, and some guy we just met), there was a lot of tension built up for nothing. Not to brag, but I’ve had Piper pegged as the killer since her introduction but she confirmed my theory when she mentioned that little tidbit about her dead dad — which happened ALLLL the way back in episode 5.

To be honest, I was craving that the second killer would reveal him/her self. When Piper confronted Emma down by the docks, I had to check how much time was left in the episode because there just wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I sincerely thought that Emma would return to her friends at the party only to have the second killer take them out one by one. Turns out, we’ll be having to wait until next year to find out just who helped Piper.

Scream S1

The execution (ha) of Piper’s excruciatingly obvious reveal was comical at best. The monologue was delivered with such an over the top style that it made me not want to take Piper seriously. Shedding the good girl persona was a good step for Piper, but she would have been more enjoyable if she were more like Gale Weathers or Rebecca Walters anyways. It didn’t help that Piper’s monologue didn’t exactly fit her character. #mindnotblown.

There was, however, the nice nod to the original franchise when Piper was killed: "They always come back". It’s the kind of self-awareness that makes Scream so fun, but that line doesn’t work for Emma at all, because Emma isn’t a survivor, she’s just another victim. If anyone, Audrey should have taken the shot and been given that important line.

The rest of the episode was just as underwhelming. Sheriff Hudson’s death, especially, fell flat. Quick and not at all that emotionally riveting, Hudson’s death was a copy of Will’s, but only with Maggie killing him instead of Emma. I had a long time theory that Hudson was actually a post-surgery Brandon James, but I guess that would have been too complicated to portray. I mean, how great of a twist would that have been? For Piper to unknowingly kill her own father?

The party at Brooke’s house was a great setup for the finale and had some really good moments, but no one (well, except for Board Shorts that is) was killed off. While I’m disappointed that neither one of the six killable characters (that being Brooke, Jake, Kieran, Audrey, Noah, and Branson) got the axe, I’m glad to see that Branson is sticking around for another season. Out of all the characters, it’ll be fun watching his backstory explored further and to see if any copycat killers emerge from his past. While Audrey has some explaining to do next season, why are any of the other characters important? Why weren’t any of them killed off? Does Jake even have a storyline beyond this point? Does Kieran? Is it so hard to introduce new characters?!

Scream has had a real tough first season. Due to its franchise heritage, it’s a no-brainer that Scream hasn’t met expectations. Although, it’s still an enjoyable show to watch, even with all of its faults. Hopefully now that the Brandon James story is out of the way, Scream may be able to find a good pace.


  • To Noah becoming the new podcaster.
  • To the Lakewood Sheriff's Department, for their absolute incompetence and inability to locate bodies in a lake.
  • To Piper’s way too dramatic costume removal.
  • To Brooke and Emma. Who both made it out alive of the first season by the very grace of God and by the mercy of the Lakewood Slasher.
  • To Board Shorts. The only victim Scream had no trouble killing off.
  • To Emma for being so stupid that she ran to untie her mom at the docks after what she had done to Will. I mean, really Emma?
  • To the Wes Craven memorial at the very beginning of the episode. It was a touching tribute to his works and impact on the horror genre. He will be missed very much.

Scream S1


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