The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of October 12, 2015

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The Flash: S2E2

The Flash

Tuesday at 8:00pm on The CW

Why: A man from Earth-2 named Jay (IF THAT'S EVEN HIS REAL NAME! WHO KNOWS WHAT GOES ON ON EARTH-2?) shows up to warn the S.T.A.R. folks about an evil man named Zoom who is also very fast. There are a lot of very fast people in this multi-verse! Doesn't seem like the such a unique skill, you know? Anyway, Barry has to figure out whether to trust Earth-2's Jay. This is all very complex. Maybe too complex. This is The CW for crying out loud! I just want to know who's still in the running toward being America's Next. Top. Model. and which period-inappropriate dresses they'll wear this week on Reign, and instead I'm getting too many dimensions and too many speedsters. GOSH.

Prepare to talk about: Whether you'd trust this Jay Garrick (definitely not his real name, I think) fellow; why the evil fast person is named Zoom when he could have been named something way cooler, like... I don't know, The Artist Formerly Known as Lightning; whether you remember that terrible show from the '90s also called Earth 2; how cool/uncool that Flashhat is.


How to Get Away With Murder: S2E4

How to Get Away With Murder

Thursday at 10:00pm on ABC

Why: We're going to get some info about Rebecca's disappearance, apparently! Or at least, Wes is getting more info... we probably already know why she's gone (spoiler alert: she's DEAD), so I'm not sure how climactic this will actually be, but HTGAWM is nothing if not perpetually gasp-inducing. Meanwhile, Annalise and the gang are representing someone accused of murdering a teen. OH THE DELICIOUS IRONY!

Prepare to talk about: What Wes is going to do with his newfound information (probably stand there looking shocked as we get shunted to a teaser for next week's episode, you know?); whether taking Annalise's class seems like quite possibly the worst decision a person could ever make; why none of these law students ever start freaking out or vomiting when they get called on (I know that's a thing; my lawyer friends/mom have told me).


Quantico: S1E4


Sunday at 10:00pm on ABC

Why: Alex is going to have a crisis of faith about being at Quantico (don't worry, Alex, I feel the same way about Northern Virginia in general) during a hostage training exercise. Sounds fun! Not at all stressful. I don't know why anyone would have doubts about her chosen profession after that. I have anxiety every day and all I do is type words, not rescue hostages or try to prove my innocence. What I'm trying to say is that Alex is both superhuman and superhumanly attractive and it's not fair.

Prepare to talk about: Whether you'd be able to handle the pressure of studying at Quantico; how Alex manages to stay gorgeous even while wearing Kevlar; which of her classmates is the terrorist(!), obviously.



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Oct 15, 2015 1:55AM EDT

The Artist Formerly Known as Lightning! Ha!

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