'Supernatural' S11E3: The Bad Seed

★ ★ ★ ½

With a Big Bad like Amara becoming more and more of a threat by the second, Rowena has yet to become a compelling villain. Sure, her comedic moments and chemistry with the Winchesters are on point this season, but Supernatural still doesn’t seem to know a particular path for her at the moment. It’s hard taking one of the world’s most powerful witches (who has the Book of the Damned in her possession!) seriously when she isn’t even able to convince a group of witches to do her bidding just yet (though the Mega Coven jokes are funny).

Her being captured by the Winchesters is far too frequent an occurrence, as is her helping cure one of them. This time, Castiel was the one to recover after having been cursed by her in last season’s finale. As annoying as Castiel’s quick recovery was, his "hulking out" curse wasn’t particularly compelling to watch. Just like the Mark of Cain, the Deanmon, Sam’s demon blood addiction, and Crowley’s human blood addiction, the Rage Curse was solely a transient state with little to no consequences worth keeping around. While the consequences remain to be seen, but judging by how Supernatural handles these "permanent" situations, it’ll be the equivalent of a really drunk night you regret having had.

Supernatural S11

On the other side of the spectrum, Amara’s appetite is growing and it’s not just human souls that she’s able to consume. Amara struck some serious fear into Heaven and Hell once her ability to consume angels’ and demons’ essences was revealed. While the child form of Amara is temperamental and often "hangry," it’ll be interesting to see if her hunger will overpower her adult form or if she has more control once she gets there. Either way, her motivations are solely logical ones. She’s confused as to why God locked her up if he was going to end up creating a world where misery is so rampant and that rivalry of hers with him is a very interesting dynamic. For all we know, Amara may actually perfect the world in a way God didn’t try to, which, I’m sure, will come with a lot of consequences. But her benevolent angle is a great one for a villain to follow along on. For once, her goal isn’t that of world destruction and utter mayhem, but to fix what God broke.

While "The Bad Seed" gave us a few interesting dynamics (Crowley/Amara, Demon Grunt/ Angel Grunt) it failed to propel the other plots forward by much. Rowena still has a lot of work to do if she means to rule the world and she is minuscule in comparison to Amara’s amount of power. Rowena’s a good and entertaining character, when used correctly, but until Supernatural unleashes all of her potential onto the world, she’s going to remain a comedic side plot.


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