"Supernatural" S11E10: The Devil in the Details

★ ★ ★ ★

"The Devil in the Details" was a great comeback from the winter break for Supernatural. Showcasing powerful performances from the actors, an action-packed Cage fight, and an answer to what Michael/Adam were up to (not much), there's no doubt that there is some crazy stuff about to go down with Lucifer being topside once more.

While it's sad to see Ruth Connell go, the same can't be said for Rowena, whose presence on the show was on borrowed time anyways. Besides her hilarious dialogue, what was the point of Rowena? I had her pegged as a Big Bad in waiting, but that never came about and instead of wreaking havoc, Rowena sat around in Hell trying (and failing... several times) to overthrow her son Crowley. For a witch powerful enough to kill demons with a spell, nothing substantial seemed to come from this character. The good news is, her death was about as impactful as her first couple of episodes. So while this witch floundered until she got her hands on a spell book, her tie-in with Lucifer's plan was a smart move for the writers.

While she and Crowley's relationship was mainly two-sided hatred, there was some love beneath it all. Rowena's right, the only thing keeping her from loving her son is her hatred for him. Otherwise Crowley would have wound up dead like that service boy they killed some time ago. The sad part is, Rowena's hatred for Crowley, in the end, didn't make her stronger. It just made her more susceptible to everyone else around her. The mere thought of becoming Lucifer's go-to groupie was enough for her to drop everything and go work for him.

Supernatural S11E10

While Rowena and Crowley's hatred keeps them weak, it's the Winchesters' love for one another that drives them to hell and back (and to hell and back again, and to purgatory and back) no matter what danger it poses to those around them. Lucifer's not the first one to point out their codependency, but he's certainly one of the few to expertly exploit it. Ever since his introduction, the Prince of Lies works well with truths and his clip show session with Sam only shows how good he actually is. It's hard not to be swayed by his argument, but Sam doesn't buy it and resisted. You go Sam.

Mark Pellegrino has no trouble bringing out Lucifer's silver-tongue charisma, let alone being that convincing after all of the things viewers saw him do during the course of the Apocalypse. I'm glad that Supernatural was able to squeeze in a bite-sized summary of how Sam has developed as a character and for finally bringing up Adam/Michael. If there's anything that would make this reunion better, it would be to have Adam/Michael make a return. (I'm still crossing my fingers for Bela Talbot.)

But the best thing to come from this episode was Castiel taking Lucifer in. Personally, I'm just glad that it wasn't Dean or Sam who accepted the burden, but someone close to them who will make them question how they deal with their friends. Will they try everything to save him? Or will they wind up killing Cas if things go south? (Sorry for bringing up the possibility.) But along with that, we have the pleasure of watching Misha Collins do that fan-flipping-tastic portrayal of Mark Pellegrino acting as Lucifer in Castiel. That scene with Rowena at the end? Just simply awesome.

Misha Collins' Lucifer twist makes up for the forced dialogue between him and Ambriel. We're well aware that Castiel (as bad as it is to even admit it) is most likely expendable if things came to it, but it could have been shown instead of said. You had an entire fight scene with Lucifer and there couldn't have been a moment where Dean had to choose between Sam and Cas? But, in a weird way, I get the feeling that deep down, Castiel knew that being expendable meant Dean and Sam could kill him if Lucifer's possession of him got out of hand.

Are you excited about what's coming up? What do you think of LuCas? Is Rowena actually dead? Talk about it in the comments below!


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