'Orphan Black' S4E7: The Antisocialism of Sex

Rachel has gained quite a bit of mobility since we last saw her — she's strolling around with the assistance of walking canes when her door clicks unlocked. She struggles up a staircase and discovers a beautiful and modern home. She glances around the seemingly abandoned room, noticing the scenic ocean views and a book displaying an illustration of Leda and the swan. All of a sudden Susan Duncan pops up from the couch, declaring cryptically, "It's all over." The vagueness continues when Susan welcomes Rachel to the Island of Dr. Moreau. She informs Rachel that the original is dead, and the cure along with it. Rachel refuses to accept it — Leda is the cornerstone of Neolution and with her health improving she is nowhere near ready to give up on a cure. Susan halfheartedly gives Rachel a history lesson, explaining that the book On the Science of Neolution was written by industrialist P.T. Westmoreland, who created a secret scientific society that eventually became Neolution.

The Leda girls aren't faring much better than Susan: Sarah's falling back into old, self-destructive patterns, Mrs. S blames Sarah for her mother's death, Cosima blames herself for both Kendall and Delphine, and Alison can't get through writing a sympathy card for S before she breaks down crying and gets on her knees to pray. Donnie picks Alison up and tells her to take as much time as she needs to be with her sisters. He suggests canceling Gemma's birthday party, but Alison is determined to keep things as normal as possible for her kids. All that goes out the window, though, when Donnie is arrested in the middle of Gemma's slumber party. To add insult to injury, Duko makes an appearance simply to tease Alison about the loss of Kendall. Duko may not be pulling the strings, but he deserves everything that's coming to him.

Orphan Black S4E7

When Felix learns from Mrs. S and Kira that Sarah is gone, he immediately goes out to find her. He's seen how much progress Sarah's made since finding her sisters, becoming a better mother to Kira and a better daughter to Mrs. S, and he's not about to let her throw all that away. He knows that Sarah is the glue that binds everyone and that they're stronger together, so he promises Kira that he'll bring Sarah back.

Meanwhile at Rabbit Hole comics, Hell Wizard assesses the damage done to their systems and tells Scott that nothing is recoverable. Cosima despairs that the loss of their data means they're back to square one, but Scott encourages her to think outside the box. Cosima produces the bot she swiped from Evie's office after she extracted it from Sarah. Cosima thinks that since the bot was programmed to activate the "disease switch" in Sarah, maybe by implanting it in herself, it could turn her switch off. Scott warns her it's too big a risk to take with so little information on how the bot works and Cosima seems to agree, until she locks herself in the basement to perform a solo implantation!

Sarah is equally reckless, drinking her sorrows away at a bar, until a vision of Beth behind her stops her short. She shakes it off and orders another drink. Dizzy shows up at the bar, because apparently all grifter types congregate at the same hole-in-the-wall bar. Sarah makes friends with a nearby couple and the three of them share a dance before they retire to a more private room to do drugs, make out, and make other questionable decisions. Dizzy is not into it, so he stays at the bar, where he runs into Felix showing Sarah's picture around in the hopes of finding her. Dizzy feigns ignorance, but Felix asks him to let Sarah know he's looking for her.

Orphan Black S4E7

When Sarah emerges, her new friends pick a fight with Dizzy. She stands up for him and the two go to his apartment for more drinks, pills, and some hanky panky — you know, just what Sarah needs more of right now. Dizzy admits that he had an ulterior motive when he helped Sarah find MK. He wanted to learn more about what happened to his friend Ed (Kapra), who also had an implant and was killed for trying to remove it. Once Dizzy realizes Sarah's implant is gone, he demands to know how she got rid of it. Sarah isn't in the mood for talking, though, and when Dizzy denies her advances she gets upset and leaves. I doubt Dizzy is invested in all this implant stuff purely to get justice for Ed; I think he also has an implant. He seems way too curious to find out how Sarah removed hers, almost to the point of being frantic. Before she leaves, Sarah catches a glimpse of Beth again in the mirror.

Kira's psychic powers are tingling; she tells Mrs. S that she doesn't think Sarah's coming back because she's "following Beth." Mrs. S knows enough to take Kira's warning seriously. She calls Felix, but as she's relaying Kira's message he gets a call from Scott. He explains to Felix that Cosima is about to do something drastic, so Felix talks her down with information he learned from Krystal. Krystal saw Delphine get shot, yes, but she also witnessed someone pick her up alive. We don't know who it was yet, but Delphine could still be alive! Cosima sobs in relief and ceases her shotgun surgery. With that crisis averted, Felix moves on to the next one. He finds Sarah alone on a bridge in the middle of the night. Not the best place to be when she's in such a fragile state. Beth appears to Sarah again — she seems to be haunting her in earnest now. When Sarah asks if Beth will follow her for the rest of her life, Beth replies ominously, "Tonight's our last night — I hope." As she leans over the railing, Sarah is torn between Beth whispering in one ear and Felix in the other. Beth tells her they're connected by more than biology, while Felix urges her to be stronger than Beth was. Once Sarah steps down off the ledge, she collapses into Felix's arms, while Beth advises, "Bring us together Sarah, we need you." Curious that she said "we" — does that mean Beth's ghost will be sticking around? Regardless, Sarah and Cosima are out of danger, but unfortunately I don't think they're out of the woods yet.

Back at the safe house, Kira's Minecraft game is interrupted by a Skype call from MK. Much like with Beth, Kira seems to already know MK, although they've never met. Kira calls her "the girl in the shadows." Hmmmm, what could those two be up to? It seems like they could get into a lot of trouble together.

Meanwhile at Chateau Moreau, Rachel takes a tumble down the last few steps and hallucinates a swan. It flickers in and out and appears pixelated. Is Rachel glitching? Can Leda clones glitch? Is it something to do with her robotic eye? The questions just keep on coming...

MVC of the Week: Felix, for not giving up on Sarah even when Kira and S had turned their backs on her. Also for simultaneously coming to Sarah and Cosima's aid when they were both in crisis. Despite finding his biological sister this season, Felix is no less loyal to his extended family and ready to pitch in when necessary.



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Jun 2, 2016 8:06PM EDT

Nice recap! It was a good episode, Rachels swan glitch made me think of hacking, maybe someone is messing with her implant, maybe even MK? And Kira has become weird, is she changing somehow? And I agree that Felix is awesome, he is the REAL glue that holds the clone team together. Man, I love this show!

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Jun 1, 2016 11:58AM EDT

Three cheers for brother-sestra Felix. And the Kira stuff is definitely creepy, but I am excited for a bigger payoff to come from that.

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