The 11 Most Painfully Awkward Rejections in 'Bachelor' History

Despite being marketed as one "real" man or woman's fantastical quest for true love among 20 or 30 potential soulmates, one extravagant helicopter date at a time, the truth is: The Bachelor franchise is famously unsuccessful in churning out serious, longstanding relationships. Sure, it happens – as love and commitment sometimes do, I guess?! — but the success rate is slim. The whole premise of the show is a complete sham! But it doesn't matter, because that's not why we watch it. What The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise severely lack in solid matchmaking abilities, they consistently make up for in drama — specifically in the form of awkward goodbyes.

Why is it that the most hard-to-watch moments on TV are also the most enjoyable? Is it because misery loves company and we're all just a bunch of single sickos who take solace in watching other people squirm? Of course not! (Well, maybe.) In any case, I'll stop projecting and let you sit back and enjoy the most cringeworthy dismissals in the franchise's decade-and-a-half-long history:


Jason and Melissa

You might as well stop reading now, because this is THE MOTHER of all Bachelor rejections (just kidding, you should definitely keep reading). How do you tell someone who already "won" The Bachelor — your new fiancée — that you actually meant to choose the other woman? And in what world does this other woman (OK, she has a name, and it's Molly) even want to marry him after that? Girl, no. Word to the wise: Being a cute single dad does not make you immune to being a colossal tool.

Juan Pablo and Clare

People react to heartbreak in different ways. I'm personally more of a crier, but Clare went with anger. And it was glorious! Especially considering what a class-A douche Juan Pablo turned out to be.

Kaitlyn and Nick

Sure, Kaitlyn probably should have stopped him way before he had the opportunity to reach for that ring box, but if Nick had taken a breath to really look at her face and how badly she wanted to melt into the cement and slide into that pool, he could have saved them both a really awkward moment.

Chris, Kelsey, and Ashley I.

The Bachelor only invented 2-on-1 dates in the first place because they're a bunch of sadist sickos, just like us. And this particular tantrum-filled example is the franchise's finest. Cue the snot waterfalls!

Jesse Palmer's Brain Fart

What happens when you forget everyone's names and accidentally summon the wrong girl to come up and receive a rose? Umm... freak out first, and then invite the poor loser to stay anyway because she's already standing there like an idiot with a rose you never meant to give her, I guess! That's love, guys.

Jillian Falls on Her Butt

OK, you caught me. This isn't a rejection at all, but if you watch it, you'll understand why such a deliciously awkward rose ceremony moment simply could not be cut from this list. Also, Jillian obviously didn't make it to the end, so technically she did get rejected... eventually.

Rozlyn and... Chris Harrison?

Curveball! Longtime host Chris Harrison, our diabolical anchor to sanity in this mess of a show, got the chance to get in on the rejection action when he sent Rozlyn home for "fraternizing" (wink, wink) with the crew during Jake Pavelka's season. Just watching her squirm as she much-too-slowly realizes that she can't deny her way out of his little scandal is entertaining enough, but the fact that Chris got to do the honors made it that much better.

Kalon and Emily

No official rose ceremony needed for this farewell! Single mom Emily proved she was more than just a pretty face with a tragic past when she booted this egomaniac out the door with a big ol' F-bomb. Mid-date, no less!

Sean and Lindsay

I know Lindsay made it this far, but she really should have seen it coming back when she showed up on the first night wearing a wedding dress. Right?

Kirk and Carly

Carly got new eyebrows for the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, but take it from me — strong #browgame doesn't make you impervious to heartbreak. WHAT PART OF "LEAVE ME ALONE" DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, KIRK?

Kasey and Ali

Although this clip isn't of the rejection itself, it really shows exactly why Kasey just wasn't the guy for Ali. And just in case you're not satisfied with that squirm-inducing serenade, I promise you this: she leaves him stranded on a glacier shortly thereafter. Another damn helicopter date strikes again!


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