'Homeland' S6E8: Alt.Truth

"This was the YouTube war; kid had a camera on his helmet."

Watching vulnerable people being exploited is never easy, especially when they're being used to create a lie. Brett O'Keefe kicks off this week's Homeland by doing just that to at least one of the veterans on his panel, a young man who is obviously suffering from the effects of his experiences in war and no longer wants to participate. Watching O'Keefe's sly persuasiveness as he changes this young man's confused mind is not pleasant, to say the least.

The cam footage of Keane's son, who died after being shot in the chest trying to save two wounded soldiers, is edited to make him seem like a coward. The commercial can only be called propaganda as its sole motive is to discredit President-elect Keane and all of her efforts to reduce the military industrial complex.

"Why now? I mean, what's the point?"

Timing is everything in politics. Just days after President-elect Keane talks about her son for the first time, O'Keefe has assembled a panel whose only narrative is focused on discrediting Andrew Keane's military record. What effect will this video of her son's last moments have on Keane? He was on his third tour, an astonishing achievement of dedication to his country; she knows he was not a coward. However, she is still seeing her son's last moments alive. Surely that will be devastating?

Presumably, Dar Adal will take what he has been assured is the only copy. Is he banking on Keane being emotionally distraught at seeing her son portrayed as a coward? Plus, will her position on reducing the armed forces and the CIA's reach be made so precarious that she has to amend her policies? How much support will she lose from her own party? Dar has set this up so very well: Carrie is associated with Sekou and has had Franny removed from her custody, Saul has been shown by Javadi as trying to keep the truth from Keane, so both are of no use to the president-elect. As she no longer has Carrie's institutional memory to aid and advise her, who will she turn to? Dar, the man she once trusted so little?

"We need to take precautions, Majid. You don't have many friends here."
"Neither, it seems, do you."

Those words come back to haunt Saul when Javadi back-stabs him, just as Carrie uses her last card with Keane to arrange the meeting. In Episode 7, Dar said he knew the moment Javadi stepped on the plane from Tehran, so when and how did the meeting between Dar and Javadi take place? Did Javadi intend to tell the truth, then have his mind changed by Dar sometime during his night in the homeless shelter? Or was it when Saul couldn't get an early appointment with Keane? Dar did smile a little when Saul told him he'd met with Javadi. So, was it Dar's plan all along to have Javadi come to New York and spin a tall tale of North Korea colluding with Iran?

Homeland: S6E8

Also, what has Dar promised Javadi that would make him think of Dar as "the sure thing?" Is it cynical to think that Javadi will soon end up, like Astrid and Peter, in the scope of Watch Cap's rife? Javadi may have played his part; he will get neither asylum nor his much-wanted money. Perhaps Dar will have to keep him alive a little longer in case Keane wants written proof to present to the current president? Either way, I don't see the outcome being good for Javadi.

"Friend. Friend? You idiot, don't you know anything?"

The name's Quinn, Peter Quinn. Well, it may not have the same cachet as Bond, James Bond, but Quinn certainly has Bond's ability to literally dodge (almost all) bullets, plus take a deep breath just after being shot for the second time as he falls into very cold water. Watching this character be shot and have yet another friend, who seemed to be about to confess her love for him, taken away is torturous.

What will Quinn's response be? Will he take the passport and money, then run? That seems highly unlikely. Quinn, I fear, might go medieval on someone. But who? Will he be able to recover mentally and physically from yet another extraordinarily violent event and realize that it is Dar who sent Watch Cap? If so, then Keane isn't the only one who should be watching her back…

Thoughts and questions…

The parallels between Quinn and the younger Keane, both running under fire, Keane running to save his fellow soldiers' lives, but is shot in the chest and dies, Quinn running for his own life, but is shot in the back yet survives.

Saul takes off his watch cap as he enters the homeless shelter. They're usually only worn by military and ex-military, so the man across the street must be ex-military, hired by "900." One other point: there were so many men in the shelter wearing these caps, so are they all homeless veterans who fought for their country and now are homeless?

Would Dar take the unedited version of the tape to Keane? It would buy him a lot of capital with her as he would be be saving the president-elect son's reputation and, by extension, her own. She may then trust him.

Once recovered, hopefully Quinn will be able to piece together all of Dar's lies, especially the ones about Carrie and trustworthiness. Perhaps then Carrie, Saul, and Quinn can work together on finding out more about all of Dar's movements and interactions.

Will this investigation help Carrie maintain focus and be able to undergo the mandatory psychiatric evaluation(s) needed to secure Franny's return?

We have heard nothing of the investigation into Conlin's death. What about him finding "900?" Will Carrie remember this and try to find this "strange building?"

Why is it so important to Dar that the peace deal be destroyed?

How will Keane respond to Javadi's "confirmation" about Iran?

Last, a small Easter egg for all of us. Astrid is driving and Peter is looking for the pickup truck when he sees a motel. Its sign reads SHOWTIME. Cute.


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