'Vanderpump Rules': 9 Invaluable Lessons Taught by the Women of SUR

If you’re somehow still unfamiliar, Vanderpump Rules follows a bunch of 30-somethings working together at a restaurant (that rarely seems to have any actual customers), dating each other, cheating on each other, throwing drinks at each other (yes, even during shifts at said restaurant), marrying each other, and inexplicably taking long vacations together even though THERE’S NO ONE TO SERVE THE NONEXISTENT CUSTOMERS AT SAID RESTAURANT! Sure, it sounds like another silly, hyper-specific Bravo spinoff that’s simply too stupid to watch (wait, Lisa Vanderpump is barely even in it?!). But instead of being unwatchable, it offers up addictively frivolous drama between surprisingly relatable characters (aside from the whole glamorous-LA-life-on-a-bartender’s-salary thing) who deliver ruthless one-liners and hard, helpful advice when you least expect it. So pour yourself a nice generous glass of rosé, fry up some goat cheese balls, and soak in the wisdom of our favorite #PumpRules ladies.

1. Sometimes the best way to lead is through fear.

2. The truth always comes out, even if it takes an entire season to get there.

3. You'll never be the Queen of Everything (that's Lisa Vanderpump, obvi), but don't let someone f**k with your special day.

4. Never doubt your self-worth.

5. The best #bossladies know what they want and straight-up ask for it.

6. Always have your priorities straight.

7. Never gift your girlfriend a ring... unless it's *THE* ring!

No, seriously. DO NOT.

8. Physical violence is never the answer.

...Unless she really deserves it.

9. Alcohol can solve a lot of problems.

Just don't be a Tequila Katie.

Catch the remainder of Vanderpump Rules Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.


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