'Pretty Little Liars' S7E11: Playtime

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With only 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars left, fans knew the midseason premiere was going to be a gamechanger. Not only was this episode filled with answers, it introduced the best plot device PLL has ever used: Liar's Lament.

What is Liar's Lament, you ask? Before I tell you about the best board game you never want to play, here are the answers to the questions you've had since the midseason finale.

Is Spencer alive?

Spencer is alive after being shot by... someone. According to Detective Marco, the gun found at the scene of the crime wasn't the one Spencer was shot with. So Jenna, who AD dragged away into a van last episode, might not be the one who shot her.

Was anyone charged with killing Noel Kahn?

The decapitation of everyone's favorite Rosewood High tool went both unpunished and unquestioned. Other than a snarky comment from Mona about helping Hanna kidnap her ex, Noel's death is barely mentioned.

How are Toby and Yvonne after the crash?

Toby is fine, but Yvonne is in a medically induced coma.

Are Aria and Ezra still going to get married?

Now that Ezra knows his other inappropriately young love interest is alive, things are looking shaky for Ezria. The engagement is still on, but it might not be for long. Ezra ends up going off to visit Nicole, leaving Aria to explain things to her old friend Holden.

Is Spencer really Mary's daughter?

After Mary Drake's unsettling confession that she is Spencer's biological mother, Spencer confronts her "real" mom. Veronica Hastings explains that she adopted Spencer because she didn't want to see her get swallowed up into the system and forgotten.

Who is Spencer's dad and why did Mary Drake sleep with him?

Mary Drake seduced Peter Hastings to hurt Jessica and the Hastings. He thought that Mary was her sister Jessica.

Where's Mary Drake now?

After saving Spencer's life and knocking Jenna out, Mary ran off. No one knows where she is now.

Does Ali really have feelings for Emily?

For years, fans of PLL have been debating the answer to this question. So, of course when Emily asks if the kisses were real or just a way to keep her around, Ali says she doesn't know. While this is still a question with no answer, hearing Emily tell Ali to stop kissing her until she figures it out was priceless!

Now for the most important question:

What is Liar's Lament?

Liar's Lament is, without a doubt, one of the best Pretty Little Liars twists ever. A week after Spencer's shooting, a gift arrives on the table of the Hastings barn. It's a board game designed by AD, complete with personalized game pieces that look identical to the Liars. I mean, does it get any more PLL than that?

Pretty Little Liars: S7E11

Though the only Liar to play so far has been Spencer, the game's rules are simple enough. The game board for Liar's Lament is based on the town of Rosewood. You put the phone that came with the game in the home space and then pick a truth or a dare. Spencer picked dare, and was dared to visit Toby in the hospital. When she completed the task, the game gave her a reward.

Spencer's prize was a letter from Mary Drake and a puzzle piece. In the letter, Mary explains how Spencer was conceived and asks for her forgiveness. That's a weird prize to get from someone who might have just shot you. If that's the kind of reward Liar's Lament gives, what happens to a Liar who doesn't do what the game says?

When Hanna tries to destroy the game board, the Liars are shown footage of themselves burying Dr. Rollins with a warning that they can't stop playing the game now. So, like it or not, Liar's Lament is going to be the driving force behind Pretty Little Liars for the next few episodes at least. Speaking of the next episode...

Where did Jenna Marshall go?

Although everyone's favorite jaded blind girl Jenna doesn't show up until the last few seconds of "Playtime," AD appears to be treating her nicely. Being handed a braille book explaining Liar's Lament, Jenna does nothing but smile and say, "endgame." But judging by this promo for the next episode, Jenna will be doing a lot more next week.

Did you like "Playtime" and the introduction of Liar's Lament as much as I did? Tell me what you loved and hated about the midseason premiere below and look out for next week's review!


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