'Pretty Little Liars' S7E14: Power Play

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That sound you just heard? It was the jaws of PLL fans everywhere dropping. You see, after a disappointing couple of episodes, "Power Play" premiered with both action and answers. But before I get into this refreshingly excellent episode, let's start this A-parade off with a breakdown of what we just learned.

The EmAli baby is totally a thing. Emily's eggs were taken and implanted into Alison while she was checked in at the mental hospital.

Pastor Ted is Charlotte's biological father! They spent a little time together at a summer camp for troubled boys that Pastor Ted ran. Charlotte wasn't the only familiar face at the camp either.

Lucas was friends with Charlotte back when they were kids! Looks like we have a new prime suspect for AD. He's almost sure to be a red herring but still... nice to see that this longtime A-ssistant is still a suspect all these years later.

Sydney is working for AD... and she probably convinced Aria to change sides. It looks like AriA theorists weren't too off base. She hasn't officially made her decision to join the dark side, but next week's promo makes it pretty clear she's going to start playing for the winning team.

And last but not least, Mary Drake killed her twin sister Jessica. At least that's what Peter Hastings claims.


The last time an episode of PLL gave us this many answers was the Charlotte reveal, but I have to say this episode went down much smoother. The fans were given answers to questions they've been asking for literally years and none of them came off as a disappointment. With just a few episodes left, it's time to start focusing in on the biggest question of all:

Who Is AD?

Suspect #1: Lucas Gottesman

We know he was friends with Charlotte, we know he was bullied by Alison, and we know he loves nerdy things like games/action figures. He has all the hallmarks of AD; the only thing stopping him is being a suspect this soon in the season.

Suspect #2: Sydney Driscoll

Revealing herself in this episode to be one of AD's minions, we know she's not the big bad. But considering she's working directly for him/her, moving forward she's definitely going to be integral to the mystery.

Suspect #3: Wren Kingston

This suspicious Brit is coming back next episode. Even though it's been a long time since we've seen him, Wren worked at Radley back when it was a sanitarium. This gives his character the perfect backstory to not only know Charlotte, but care enough to want to solve her murder. So far, finding Charlotte's killer is the only thing we know for sure about AD.

Suspect #4: Paige McCullers

Call me paranoid, but when someone dates Emily and looks through Ali's stuff I get Shower Harvey flashbacks. But considering how pissed she's going to be that Emily is pregnant with Ali's baby, this is looking a lot less likely.


How did you feel about these reveals? What cute portmanteau should the Emily/Ali baby go by? Who else do you think is on the "winning team" Sydney mentioned? How far will Aria go in betraying her friends to save herself from AD? Leave your questions, comments, and complaints below.


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