From Snapchat to Comedy Central, James Davis Is 'Hood Adjacent'

Comedian James Davis is busy promoting his first series, Hood Adjacent, and he owes it all to an app.

"I literally would not be here if it wasn't for Snapchat," he said during a Q&A with reporters at this weekend's Colossal Clusterfest in San Francisco.

Comedy Central executives caught wind of his L.A.-based live show Urban Dictionary and thought Davis' humor would fit the network's burgeoning lineup of bite-sized Snapchat shows. The result, Swagasaurus, featured Davis explaining things from the urban zeitgeist to a mainstream audience.

Using Snapchat as a path to a traditional TV show may still seem strange to some, but "it is like regular television," said Davis, who has written on The Late Late Show with James Corden and appeared regularly on Chelsea Lately. "They give you an order and everybody's Snapchat show doesn't come back, [but] mine kept on coming back."

He understands the doubt, though. "I don't wanna see damn near 10 seconds of my life, let alone someone else's," he said. But with the platform's Discover feature, "people are coming and watching that show just like one of their own regular favorite shows."

Hood Adjacent, which premieres June 28, is Davis' ode to the different worlds he grew up in. "As someone who grew up in South-Central, but not the stereotypical South-Central you see in the movies … I consider the worst parts of the 'hood my neighborhood," he said. "But I also went to a private middle school, I went to a liberal arts college, so areas of rich wealth and white entitlement are my comfort zones as well."

With that perspective, Davis plans to unpack topics that matter to his friends in and outside of the 'hood, from gangs to golf.

"I'm talking about these topics in a way where either the 'hood is learning about something that I become an expert in in the mainstream world or the mainstream world is learning about something that I'm very familiar with having grown up around the 'hood," he said.

Take a look:


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