21 Memorable Moments From Comic-Con

What began in the basement of a San Diego hotel as an intimate meeting of about 300 comic book, movie, and sci-fi fans has become a gargantuan gathering of entertainment lovers of all stripes, with attendance topping 160,000 in recent years. As major Hollywood studios have caught on to the conference's unparalleled marketing potential, Comic-Con has become a critical part any project launch even tangentially related to a fantasy genre. With so many high-profile films and beloved TV shows holding panel discussions for audiences of adoring fans, there's been no shortage of funny, shocking, and touching moments. Here are a few from the past several years:


2016: Game of Thrones

Rob McElhenney interviewed the cast, most of whom appeared much more chill than their Westerosi alter egos. Go figure.

2016: Orphan Black's Best Bits

Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, and the rest of the cast delighted the crowd simply by being charming and adorable and Canadian.

2016: The Flash

Want to see Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin tap dancing? Of course you do.

2015: Adam Savage and the Astronaut

The Mythbusters co-host has made a habit of walking around SDCC in disguise, but this time he took astronaut Chris Hadfield along for the cosplay fun.

2015: A Family Guy Table Reading

It will never not be weird watching the actors who voice our favorite animated characters do their thing.

2014: Stephen Amell's Abs

The Canadian actor showed off his ripped torso to a playful John Barrowman and a thirsty audience.

2013: Bryan Cranston as Walter White

Many celebrities have strolled alongside the normals in masks, but Bryan Cranston fooled people by disguising himself as his most famous character. Listen carefully to the comment at the end.

2013: Doctor Simpson

When Matt Smith got in on the disguised fun, he chose a lame Bart Simpson mask. But he had fun, bless.

2013: "Let's Go to the Mall"

Nothing's more awkward fun than making people sing when they aren't prepared, right? Cobie Smulders, with help from the rest of the How I Met Your Mother cast, sang the best pop song of the early '90s.

2013: Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

More than 800 fans met up to celebrate the iconic BBC show, but they weren't expecting Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman to join.

2013: The X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson discussed the possibility of future X-Files films, but she shot down the idea of doing a limited series. Mmm hmm.

2012: Firefly's 10th Anniversary

Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, and other cast members reunited to celebrate one of network TV's best sci-fi shows (and biggest cancellation mistakes).

2012: Archer Stars Pick Their Faves

H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, and others recited their favorite lines from the hysterical, dirty show.

2012: Exterminate!

Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan's showed off her Dalek impersonation. Well, she tried.

2012: Talk This Way

British badass Andrew Lincoln and Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan explained how they mastered the American-Southern accent.

2011: Chuck's Tearful Goodbye

Zachary Levi captured all the hearts while thanking fans during his show's final Comic-Con panel.

2011: Getting Psyched

Members of the cast jumped in to sing part of the theme song of the long-running USA show. You know the words, right?

2009: David Tennant Kisses John Barrowman

When Russell T. Davies appeared alongside David Tennant and John Barrowman to introduce the BBC America premieres of new episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood, the famously pansexual Captain Jack got some love from the Doctor.

2009: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

An audience member asked The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parson to explain the show's confusing game of chance.

2008: Triumphant Moments

A fan bumped into Triumph the Insult Comic Dog while he was roasting some nerds on the Convention Center floor.

2008: Barrowman Being Barrowman

The Torchwood star and his on-screen love Gareth David-Lloyd went full innuendo.


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